Julia Dahm

Politics 25-01-2022

The Brief — Germany’s phantom chancellor

In the midst of contentious debates around mandatory vaccines and possible arms shipments to Ukraine, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz seems to wish he could borrow Harry Potter’s cloak of invisibility. But his strategy of flying under the radar might be a deathly hallow.
Elections 20-10-2021

The Brief, powered by EPRA — A yellow traffic light for fiscal integration

“Generating energy from friction,” “focusing on the joint big picture,” — the parties likely to form Germany’s new government are competing for the blandest metaphors in an effort to signal love, peace, and harmony within the budding three-way alliance.
Elections 16-09-2021

The Brief, powered by EPRA — Beaten at the post?

With only ten days to go, the German election race is expectedly picking up pace. But just as things are getting heated and — for German standards — dirty, much of the election action might already have been completed.