Juliusz Kowalczyk

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Electricity 29-03-2019

Regulatory flaws in the Clean Energy Package, part 3: Biting more than we can chew in time?

Implementation deadlines prescribed in the new internal electricity market regulation and directive are very ambitious. Perhaps too ambitious - something is bound to be missed, either the deadlines or the goals of the new law.
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Electricity 18-02-2019

Regulatory flaws in Clean Energy Package, part 2: Can bad legislation deliver good regulation?

New rules on the internal electricity market, part of the Clean Energy Package (CEP), will soon be adopted. Volume, time pressure, complexity, and political weight took a toll on legislative quality – possibly leading to cumbersome implementation, writes Juliusz Kowalczyk.
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Electricity 29-10-2018

Regulatory flaws in the Clean Energy Package, part 1 – The bidding zones: Shaky foundations of complex machinery

The ambition behind the Clean Energy Package is to create a liquid, pan-European electricity market. However, the crucial tool - the appropriate representation of the grid in market processes - has been significantly blunted and remains flawed.