Krzysztof Kokoszczy

Electricity 16-03-2017

V4 energy security: The land of nuclear and coal

Visegrád countries are seeking ways to ensure energy security while delivering on their climate commitments. Nuclear is seen as the ideal solution by some, with natural gas playing a limited role. EURACTIV's Central European partners report.
Agrifood 11-03-2016

Rural development in Poland will focus on smallholders’ poverty

Warsaw will use the EU’s Rural Development Programme to improve the standard of living of “poor” smallholders. EURACTIV Poland reports.
Agrifood 07-03-2016

How EU rural development money is actually being spent

Ensuring the long-term viability of the farming sector is a key challenge for Central and Eastern European countries. The EURACTIV network looks at how EU money is being spent in five key countries — Greece, Romania, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.