Laura Kabelka

Data protection 05-07-2022

Germany hotspot for hosting child porn as Berlin wrestles with Commission over privacy

New data shows that the hosting of child pornographic content in Germany has exploded tenfold from 2020 to 2021, while Berlin has been busy questioning EU proposals to tackle the phenomenon.
Technology 28-06-2022

Experts call for focus on quantum computing in Chips Act

Upscaling and investing in quantum computing should be integrated into the European Chips Act as the EU is a promising leader in this field, experts have urged.
Technology 27-06-2022

Bundestag quarrels over retaining IP data to fight child abuse

Storing IP addresses to combat child abuse is currently a hot topic among German lawmakers, as the rejection of a motion filed by the conservative CDU/CSU group calling for a six-month limit in such matters was deemed insufficient by other stakeholders.
Technology 24-06-2022

Germany to allow more companies to set up online

Following negotiations that went well after midnight, the Bundestag adopted a bill in the early hours of Friday (24 June), allowing more companies to register online.
Technology 22-06-2022

EU Parliament’s Pegasus committee fires against NSO Group

The inquiry committee to investigate the use of the Pegasus spyware questioned a representative of the Israeli company behind the technology, the NSO Group, with questions but still many remain unanswered.
Technology 21-06-2022

Germany’s competition authority takes aim at Google Maps

The German Federal Cartel Office initiated new anti-trust proceedings against US digital giant Google because its mapping application, Google Maps, cannot be combined with other map services.
Energy 20-06-2022

Gazprom supplies 50% less gas to Austria

Austria will receive less gas for the fourth day in a row, the Russian energy company announced on Sunday, but demand is currently low and supply is secure.
Cybersecurity 16-06-2022

Sovereignty requirements remain in cloud certification scheme despite backlash

The draft Cybersecurity Certification Scheme for Cloud Services (EUCS), seen by EURACTIV, includes sovereignty requirements on European data localisation and foreign law immunity, even though member states and tech industry representatives strongly advised against it. 
Technology 15-06-2022

First European ‘exascale’ supercomputer to be hosted in Germany

Germany will host the first European supercomputer with exascale capabilities while four new mid-range supercomputers will be hosted in Greece, Hungary, Ireland and Poland.
Technology 15-06-2022

Germany banks on economic alliance as driver for digitalisation

Germany’s political and business leaders have kicked off the "Alliance for Transformation", a key initiative of the new coalition government focused on climate protection, sustainability and digitalisation to change the country’s economy.
Data protection 14-06-2022

German Federal Cartel Office initiates another proceeding against Apple

The German Federal Cartel Office has initiated proceedings against Apple in order to examine its tracking regulations and app tracking transparency framework, suspecting the US giant of possibly giving preferential treatment to its own offerings.
Technology 09-06-2022

EU ministers adopt joint investigation platform without access for customs

EU Justice Ministers adopted a regulation to establish a digital cooperation platform for Joint Investigation Teams (JITs), inaccessible by customs despite German pressure. The regulation is part of the ongoing effort to modernise and digitalise cross-border judicial cooperation and was...
Cybersecurity 08-06-2022

EU cybersecurity agency chief warns of cyberthreats and spillovers

On the occasion of the 2022 pan-European cyber preparedness exercises programme, Cyber Europe, the executive director of the EU agency for cybersecurity (ENISA) warned that states must remain alert for cyber incidents and potential spillovers.
Technology 07-06-2022

Leading MEP proposes changes on privacy, access, interoperability for European digital wallet

The European Parliament's rapporteur put forth a number of proposals to improve the European Digital Identity Wallet as part of the new eIDAS Regulation, focusing on interoperability, data privacy and equal access. 
Technology 03-06-2022

German court rules YouTube could be accountable for illegal content

Online video sharing platforms such as YouTube could be liable for content uploads that infringe copyrights if they fail to act immediately, according to a ruling from Germany’s top court on Thursday (2 June).
Politics 03-06-2022

Austrian government mulls delaying carbon tax implementation

The government is again considering whether to postpone the start date for implementing the carbon tax until October, due to high energy prices and growing criticism. The carbon tax is an eco-social prestige project of the current conservative-green government, where...
Technology 02-06-2022

Data retention: Germany’s new plan for a more targeted and time-limited approach

In order to target sexual child abuse online, German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser has spoken out in favour of securing the IP addresses of computers, for which the governing coalition wants to use the quick freeze method. 
Technology 31-05-2022

German youth protection body endorses AI as biometric age-verification tool

Three systems that verify peoples' age with AI technology to prevent minors from being exposed to harmful content have been endorsed by Germany's Commission for the Protection of Minors in the Media. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Disinformation 25-05-2022

Austria to combat deep fakes amid increasing use of the technology

The Austrian government published an action plan to fight deep fakes on Wednesday (25 May), aiming at better tackling disinformation and hate speech. On the EU level, several legislative texts also seek to address the growing issue.
Technology 20-05-2022

Cyber norms: Germany is not walking the talk

Alexandra Paulus, Fellow for International Cybersecurity Policy with the German think tank Stiftung Neue Verantwortung, explains what cyber norms are, who shapes them and whether Germany is actually practising what it preaches.
Technology 19-05-2022

Infrastructure costs: fair contribution versus net neutrality

The European Parliament Committee on Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE) does not support the Council’s position on network contribution because making big tech firms pay does not follow the principle of net neutrality. 
Cybersecurity 19-05-2022

Energy industry’s cybersecurity awareness rises, defence lags

Representatives of the frequently targeted energy industry are more concerned about the risk of cyber attacks than before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a new DNV report found. Apprehension also increased regarding insufficient investments and activities of their organisations.
Technology 16-05-2022

While internet value chain grows, telecom operators lag behind

While internet value chains continue to grow by 15% per year, a new report by GSMA warns that market imbalances between network operators and online service providers could threaten global growth prospects in several sectors.
Technology 13-05-2022

Poland pushes for digital and telecoms integration with Ukraine

Poland sent a letter to the European Commission asking them to support better digital integration of Ukraine including in the telecoms sector with other countries expected to add their voices to the call.