Luca Bertuzzi

Digital & Media 22-10-2021

China’s digital policy and the impact on European businesses

China has been pushing an aggressive agenda on a number of digital issues. We discussed the Chinese strategy to regulate the tech sector, and its implication for European businesses, with Vera Demary.
Digital & Media 15-10-2021

EDPS on the future of privacy

We have asked the European Data Protection Supervisor Wojciech Wiewiorowski about its recent proposal to organise a conference to review the enforcement of GDPR, the EU privacy law.
Digital & Media 01-10-2021

Google’s take on the DMA

After having heard the views of European tech companies on the Digital Markets Act (DMA), we have spoken to Adam Cohen, Google’s director of economic policy, to hear the perspective of what is likely to be labelled as a ‘gatekeeper’.
Digital & Media 24-09-2021

Germany’s digital prospects

German elections are eventually upon us. As the EU largest economy heads to the first polls of the post-Markel era, EURACTIV’s correspondent in Germany Oliver Noyan helps us decode the positions of the main German parties in relation to key digital issues.
Digital & Media 17-09-2021

European tech on the DMA

Interview with Trivago CEO Axel Hefer and the Managing Director of Visual Meta Johannes Kotte on the perspective of European tech companies on the Digital Markets Act.
Digital & Media 10-09-2021

What’s in sight for the EU digital sovereignty?

We take a look at the upcoming digital trends and challenges as presented in the European Commission’s strategic oversight report.
Digital & Media 22-07-2021

Where is the EU semiconductor strategy going?

The economic impact of the semiconductor shortage has prompt all major industrial players to ramp up their investments. We discuss what the EU done so far, and if it is working.
Digital & Media 15-07-2021

Right to repair: how sustainable are our electronic devices?

The green and digital transitions rank on top of the EU agenda, but as far as digital devices are concerned, they do not really go together
Digital & Media 09-07-2021

Killer acquisitions in the digital single market

Introducing merger regulations for Big Tech is at the centre of the debate for competition policy
Digital & Media 01-07-2021

France’s tech ambitions

We take a deeper look at the state of play of France’s tech strategy and the challenges that lay ahead.
Digital & Media 26-06-2021

Slovenia on the watchlist

This week Slovenia has entered the international human rights watchlist for the repeated attacks on the press. We have taken a closer look at the country’s declining media freedom.
Digital & Media 17-06-2021

What’s the scope for tech cooperation across the Atlantic?

Technology has become a key dimension of transatlantic relations. We take stock of the EU-US summit, discussing the outcome for the tech sector.
Digital & Media 11-06-2021

EU-US data transfer negotiations

International lawyer Rafi Azim-Khan walks us through the state of play for international data transfer and the key challenges ahead of the negotiations.
Digital & Media 03-06-2021

COVID App tracing & privacy reversal

Contact-tracing apps have raised major privacy concerns.
Digital & Media 28-05-2021

GDPR turns 3

Three years since its entry into force, the data protection framework is still falling short proper enforcement.
Digital & Media 21-05-2021

UK-US data transfers

This week, the European Parliament approved two resolutions on the data transfers between the EU and the United States and United Kingdom respectively.
Digital & Media 14-05-2021

State aid and web tax

The General Court has overturned the Commission's state aid decision against Luxembourg and Amazon.
Digital & Media 07-05-2021

The weaknesses of Europe’s digital economy

This week, the Commission has announced its updated Industrial Strategy, identifying several areas of strategic vulnerability. The chip and the cloud are two key technologies for our digital future, but Europe is light-years behind its competitors
Digital & Media 30-04-2021

Apple set to change the app market

In this week's episode we look at Apple’s new privacy feature, which might change mobile usage as we know it. Apple devices will now request app-makers to receive explicit consent for tracking users, threatening a multi-billion advertising industry