Luca Bertuzzi

Technology 13-05-2022

NIS2 – All you need to know

The EU legislators have just reached an agreement on the revised Network and Information Security Directive (NIS2), flagship cybersecurity legislation. We caught up with the European Parliament’s rapporteur Bart Groothuis straight out of the trilogue to get all the details...
Technology 06-05-2022

GAFAM tax or fair contribution?

This week, Commissioner Breton announced a new initiative to make online platforms contribute to the cost of digital infrastructure. We discuss the reasoning behind this proposal, possible precedents and main practical issues that it will need to address with Gerard...
Technology 29-04-2022

The EU’s tech diplomacy and the Indian TTC

A new Trade and Technology Council between the EU and India has been announced as Commission President Ursula von der Leyen visited New Delhi this week for the relaunch of long-stalled negotiations on a trade deal. We discuss what we know and...
Technology 22-04-2022

A civil society’s view on the Digital Services Act

The DSA is approaching a final agreement in inter institutional negotiations. We discuss key aspects of the flagship legislation with Tanya O’Carroll, an independent expert coordinating the People vs Big Tech coalition. On the menu: content moderation, risk assessment, recommender...
Technology 15-04-2022

The AI Act unpacked

As the European Parliament is preparing to discuss the first draft of the AI Act, we took a critical look at the proposal with Lilian Edwards, professor at the University of Newcastle and expert legal adviser at the Ada Lovelace...
Technology 01-04-2022

DMA: the rapporteur’s take

Last week, the EU co-legislators reached an agreement on the Digital Markets Act (DMA), landmark legislation targeting the largest tech companies. We discuss the key points of the file with the European Parliament’s rapporteur Andreas Schwab.
Technology 25-03-2022

The UK’s post-Brexit data policy

London has been working on several laws and initiatives with potentially profound implications for its data protection regime. We discuss how these different pieces might come together and impact the EU’s data adequacy decision with Robert Bateman, head of content...
Technology 18-03-2022

Ukrainian war, Russian disinformation, European reactions

The Russian attack on Ukraine went hand in hand with coordinated attacks in the information space. We discuss the situation on the ground and the EU response with Domen Savič, CEO of Citizen D.
Technology 11-03-2022

Digital policy in the French presidential elections

France, the country currently at the helm of the EU Council, is heading towards crucial elections next month. We discuss with EURACTIV France reporter Mathieu Pollet the role digital issues play in the presidential campaign, the impact of the Ukrainian...
Europe's East 04-03-2022

The cyber spillovers of the Ukrainian war

Cyberattacks are hardly limited to one country in an interconnected world. We discuss the impact of Russian cyberattacks against Ukraine on European companies.
Technology 25-02-2022

AdTech at the crossroad

Google experimenting with its Privacy Sandbox, Facebook blaming Apple for a massive loss of revenues, pending EU legislation.
Technology 11-02-2022

DMA: the interoperability question

EU lawmakers are pushing to include interoperability obligations for messaging services and social media platforms in the Digital Markets Act.
Technology 04-02-2022

The state of connectivity in Europe

With Alessandro Gropelli, deputy director-general at the European Telecoms Association (ETNO), we take stoke of digital networks in Europe, the structural problems of the telecom market compared to international competitors and potential remedies to stimulate infrastructural investments.
Technology 28-01-2022

The Vertical Block Exemption Regulation and Europe’s online markets

The VBER revision will have an important impact on online sales for the next 10 years. We discuss how the regulation will affect digital markets with Maike Jansen, public affairs advisor at Ecommerce Europe.
Technology 14-01-2022

Europe and emerging technologies

As the debate on digital sovereignty is as relevant as ever, we discuss with Jean-Marc Leclerc, the co-Director of IBM’s policy lab, Europe’s position on emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, quantum computing and cloud.
Technology 07-01-2022

France’s digital agenda

As Paris has taken over the rotating presidency of the EU Council, we discuss with our correspondent Mathieu Pollet how France is expected to shape the EU digital agenda in the coming months.
Technology 17-12-2021

How the DMA & GDPR will work together

Access to data is increasingly recognized as an area of focus for competition policy in the digital space. As the DMA approached the finishing line, we were joined by Bojana Bellamy.
Technology 10-12-2021

Poland facing hybrid threats

The migration crisis at the Polish border was combined with a number of cyber attacks and disinformation offensives. Janusz Cieszyński, Poland’s secretary of state and government plenipotentiary for cybersecurity.
Technology 03-12-2021

Cybersecurity: trends and actions

Raj Samani, McAfee’s chief scientist, walks us through the upcoming challenges in the field of cybersecurity, and how regulators, law enforcement authorities and private actors should work together to face cyberthreats.
Technology 19-11-2021

The case for opening up the App Store

Apple has vehemently been opposing sideloading provisions in the DMA, which would allow alternative ways for downloading apps on their operating system. Damien Geradin, legal counsel for the Coalition for App Faireness responds point by point to Apple’s argument, making the case...
Technology 12-11-2021

Former Commission’s Chief Competition Economist intervenes on the DMA

Tommaso Valletti had a key role in shaping EU competition policy in critical years for the digital economy. In this interview, he gives his take on killer acquisitions, the scope of the DMA, provisions on the regulatory dialogue and the...
Technology 29-10-2021

The outstanding issues on the DMA

The IMCO vote on the Digital Markets Act has officially been delayed, as some significant difference remain between the main political groups.
Technology 22-10-2021

China’s digital policy and the impact on European businesses

China has been pushing an aggressive agenda on a number of digital issues. We discussed the Chinese strategy to regulate the tech sector, and its implication for European businesses, with Vera Demary.
Technology 15-10-2021

EDPS on the future of privacy

We have asked the European Data Protection Supervisor Wojciech Wiewiorowski about its recent proposal to organise a conference to review the enforcement of GDPR, the EU privacy law.