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Enlargement 09-06-2022

The Open Balkan Initiative and the EU’s Minimum Wage Directive

This week on Beyond the Byline: the Minimum Wage Directive and the Open Balkan Initiative.
Agrifood 29-04-2022

Over a Coffee with Jamie Brannan, President of International Operations at Zoetis

Brian Maguire talks to Jamie Brannan, President of International Operations at Zoetis Inc. about their pets and what pet care actually means, how the demographics of pet ownership are changing, how livestock care is changing and what the challenges are ahead in the livestock sector.
Global Europe 25-03-2022

Brussels Summits, Biden, Von der Leyen and a new COVID variant

This week is one of the busiest weeks for Brussels and international politics, as it’s the first time the “capital of Europe '' is hosting so many leaders at once for NATO, G7 and EU summits.
Technology 14-10-2021

AI regulation and the future of work – What are the opportunities and concerns?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is at the heart of the digital transformation and can significantly bolster the European economy. The EU AI Act will set out the regulatory framework for the way AI will be used across all industries.
Technology 13-10-2021

The importance of connectivity during and after the COVID-19 crisis

A new digital divide has emerged, not only between well-connected urban areas and rural and remote territories, but also between those who can fully benefit from an enriched, accessible and secure digital space with a full range of services, and those who cannot.
Transport 13-10-2021

Battery-powered future: How can the EU ensure electric vehicles drive the green transport revolution?

The successful roll-out of electric vehicles in the EU depends on the co-operation of many stakeholders. There are many moving parts to the transition, and a supportive regulatory framework to support this innovative market is crucial.
Agrifood 12-10-2021

Farm to Fork: What the analysis and data tell us

Food systems cannot be resilient to crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic if they are not sustainable. We need to redesign our food systems.
Technology 12-10-2021

Digital Inclusiveness: How to ensure no European is left behind

Watch this debate to find out what investments are needed to roll-out gigabit networks and 5G to reach every European? How to overcome the digital differences that persist between countries and regions?
Batteries 07-10-2021

Responsible sourcing: The case of batteries

An industry that is particularly susceptible to the issue is battery manufacturing, as it is largely dependent on critical raw material imports. In the past few years, stakeholders have highlighted supply chain risks related to raw materials in batteries, comprising environmental, social and governance risks.
Coronavirus 04-10-2021

Lessons from COVID-19: How can we make our health systems more resilient?

What else can the EU and Member States do to make our health systems more resilient?

COP26 – Can renewed political will result in concrete actions?

Rewatch this EURACTIV Virtual Conference to find out what partnerships, commitments and innovative solutions are needed to achieve emissions cuts globally.

Is green hydrogen really carbon-neutral?

As the EU moves away from its dependency on fossil fuel, hydrogen is expected to play a key role in our future energy systems, and for delivering on the aim set out in the European Green Deal of achieving carbon-neutrality in the EU by 2050.
Europe's East 29-09-2021

Gavrilita: Moldova voted for the European model

An exclusive interview with Natalia Gavrilita, Prime Minister of Moldova
Aviation 28-09-2021

Refueling aviation: The role and types of sustainable aviation fuels

Does such a policy go against the Commission’s own technology neutrality principle? Could it harm climate mitigation efforts and also hamper the development of more scalable technologies that could ensure the long term decarbonisation of the aviation industry?
Global Europe 28-09-2021

EU-US relations – What does a re-set mean in practice?

How to align US and EU policy priorities and market instruments? How can the new transatlantic cooperation contribute to the climate-neutrality transition? How might these policy interventions affect international trade and reduce trade frictions?
Health 28-09-2021

Media Partnership – Health Access in Rural Areas: the need for a long-term vision in Europe

Accessing health remains a challenge in rural and remote areas in a context of a declining and ageing population, a lack of connectivity and infrastructure, as well as a low access to essential public services such as healthcare.
Agrifood 23-09-2021

Media Partnership – The road to COP26: is beef a climate change villain?

As countries put forward their net-zero pledges on the run up to COP26, debate has intensified on strategies to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across different sectors. In the same way that low carbon agriculture is already a reality in many places, many argue that livestock can also be produced sustainably, with little or no GHG emissions.
Shipping 23-09-2021

Fit for 55 on all fronts? Can Europe lead innovation in green maritime?

Every year, around 400 million passengers embark or disembark in EU ports, including around 14 million on cruise ships. Efficient maritime transport connections are essential to the mobility of EU citizens, in developing EU regions, and to the EU economy as a whole.
Climate change 14-04-2021

EURACTIV and Life Terra Foundation – Planting trees in Brussels forest with RFSB

Life Terra is a project co-funded by the LIFE Programme through EISMEA with the goal to plant 500 million trees in Europe over 5 years – 1 tree for every European.
Politics 22-01-2021

Tweets of the Week: EU Bauhaus, Navalny, Frontex celebration dinner

Commission hopes EU Bauhaus will be ideas spinner, Navalny’s Putin video is an internet winner, and Frontex splurges 94k on a celebration dinner!
Aviation 04-12-2020

How to enable aviation to meet its climate goals? Net zero 2050 is possible!

What prevents us from starting today? What is getting in the way of EU-wide implementation of aviation emission reduction?
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Technology 01-10-2020

What’s the European approach to trustworthy AI?

Artificial intelligence brings vast opportunities to transform industries and solve important challenges at scale. At the same time it also brings the responsibility to build AI that works for and has the trust of everyone.
Politics 26-06-2020

Tweets of the Week: VDL, The Rock, Rutte, Macron, and Berlaymont Banner Bags

VDL and The Rock will share a stage, Rutte and Macron are on the same page, and Berlaymont banner bags are now all the rage.

Crisis innovation: virtual Stars4Media lab

The need for innovation and building new skills is paramount for the media sector to respond to the coronavirus crisis. The Stars4Media Lab went virtual with its training and policy event, bridging promising media professionals and media experts to develop...