Maria João Pereira

UN secretary-general apologises for not protecting oceans

While in Portugal for a youth conference, UN Secretary-General António Guterres apologised on Sunday for the lack of attention older generations and policy-makers give to the oceans, stressing that it is still a slow process to reverse the problem.

‘Climatic chaos’: activists furious as Brussels approves Iberian energy mechanism

The European Commission approved on Wednesday an €8.4 billion Spanish and Portuguese scheme aimed at reducing the wholesale electricity prices in the Iberian market by lowering the input costs of gas-fired power stations.

Portugal: Improve EU single market for post-pandemic recovery

Portuguese Economy Minister Pedro Siza Vieira has said that the European Union's single market is still an "incomplete construction" with "barriers to be eliminated" but that steps to make it function better should be a foundation of the post-pandemic economic recovery.

EU ministers in search of consensus on sustainable tourism

Portugal's secretary of state for tourism hopes that a high-level forum on Friday (14 May) will resolve "two major concerns": the commitment of member states to sustainable tourism and funding lines for this transformation.

Energy ministers urge for regulatory framework on hydrogen

European energy ministers on Wednesday highlighted the need to create a stable regulatory framework for hydrogen in the European Union, capable of attracting private investors into a competitive and predictable market.