Mariam Zaidi

Sustainable and healthy buildings – Reaching the goals of the EU Green Deal

Rewatch this EURACTIV Virtual Conference to find out how the revision of the EPBD can support a healthy indoor climate while accelerating a decrease of energy costs and decarbonising our buildings.

Due diligence and responsible sourcing: Can a common approach for all sectors work?

Rewatch this EURACTIV Virtual Conference to find out about responsible sourcing and due diligence.

Circularity of bottles: Contributing to the EU Green Deal

Join this EURACTIV Virtual Conference to discuss what’s the best recipe for meeting circular economy and climate objectives and whether DRS are an efficient way to meet collection and recycling targets for EU natural mineral and spring water producers set in the EU’s Single Use Plastics Directive. Questions to be discussed include: - Can PET bottles be prevented from being downcycled? - What are the challenges in making Deposit Refund Systems effective? - Can a “right of first refusal mechanism” be delivered in the revision of the EU Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive? - Can beverage manufacturers be given back the same amount of recycled content that they bring on the market?
Agrifood 28-04-2022

The role of food supplements in improving health in the EU

Join this EURACTIV Virtual Conference to discuss what a potential policy framework for supplements could look like, given the regulatory environment is broadly in place.

Carbon removals – How best to implement and validate?

Rewatch this EURACTIV Virtual Conference to find out how we can ensure the validation of carbon removals in a way that satisfies consumers, industry and policymakers.
Transport 14-03-2022

Autonomous Vehicles: Full speed ahead towards sustainable and digital mobility?

Rewatch this EURACTIV Virtual Conference to find out how long it will take until autonomous vehicles become the norm, and what is delaying progress. Discussed questions included: - Can the existing infrastructure be adapted to accommodate autonomous vehicles? - What are the most efficient technologies that can be deployed in a sustainable and ethical manner for making autonomous driving an everyday reality? - Is there harmonisation of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) across Europe, such as data standardisation and the extension of digital infrastructure, to ensure a seamless service for road users and to prepare for autonomous vehicles? - Are users aware of, and ready for, the challenges, like roads with mixed driver and driverless traffic?
Health 28-10-2021

Metastatic Breast Cancer – How can we improve care for patients and survivors?

Cancer is the second leading cause of mortality in the EU after cardiovascular disease. 2.6 million people are diagnosed every year.
Health 18-10-2021

Media Partnership: Integrative Oncology – The missing link in Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan

Cancer is a top health priority for the European Union, as every year, 3.5 million people in the EU are diagnosed with cancer, and 1.3 million die from it.