Mathieu Pollet

Technology 24-05-2022

French tech partially welcomes new government’s digital portfolio

The portfolio of France's new "super economy ministry", while welcomed by tech, does not include a successor to Secretary of State Cédric O, creating uncertainty over whether such an appointment will be made. EURACTIV France reports.
Technology 23-05-2022

Platform workers: French presidency clings to criteria approach

The French Presidency of the EU Council suggests not to stray too far from the Commission's proposal regarding the determination of the status of platform workers but could share the same ambition as the European Parliament regarding algorithmic management.
Cybersecurity 23-05-2022

Cyprus hosts first European Coding Challenge amid concerns over talent shortage

Nicosia hosted the first inaugural European Coding Challenge on Friday (20 May), where young Cypriots got training and insights from tech experts as the EU tries to ensure it won't lack the skills it needs to achieve digital sovereignty.
Technology 20-05-2022

Tech Brief: Russia looms large at TTC, Microsoft loosens up, net neutrality

Welcome to EURACTIV’s Tech Brief, your weekly update on all things digital in the EU.

Facebook whistleblower calls on MEPs to make sure DSA won’t be ‘dead letter’

While revisiting the recently-agreed digital regulations, European Parliament lawmakers were joined by Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen who called on them to do everything necessary to ensure that the DSA will be a "success story".
Technology 16-05-2022

Russia’s war in Ukraine dominates EU-US trade and tech talks

Russia's war in Ukraine has been at the centre of the ongoing Trade and Technology Council (TTC) in Paris, on which the EU and the US gave a second update on Monday (16 May). EURACTIV France reports.
Global Europe 13-05-2022

Czech EU presidency to prioritise fight against hybrid threats, deputy minister says

The Czech EU Council presidency will put the focus on hybrid threats, by accelerating discussions about disinformation and interference set out in the EU’s Strategic Compass, Deputy Minister of Defence Jan Havranek told EURACTIV.
Technology 11-05-2022

Conservatives prepare to battle on platform workers directive, rally up with industry

Conservative MEPs from the European People's Party (EPP) are preparing their counter-offensive against the rapporteur's push for tight employment protection for platform workers, joining forces with the industry.
Data protection 11-05-2022

France sees boom in personal data breaches in 2021

France has hit an all-time record in notifications of personal data breaches, up 79% from 2020, the latest report of France's data protection watchdog CNIL has found. EURACTIV France reports.
Data protection 10-05-2022

LEAK: Commission to force scanning of communications to combat child pornography

The European Commission is to put forward a generalised scanning obligation for messaging services, according to a draft proposal obtained by EURACTIV.
Technology 09-05-2022

French platform workers elect representatives ahead of ‘social dialogue’

Delivery workers and drivers of passenger cars working in France are being called on to elect union representatives who will conduct a 'social dialogue' with platforms like Uber and Deliveroo to improve their working conditions. EURACTIV France reports.
Technology 04-05-2022

Pegasus: MEPs lash out at EU Commission for inaction

EU lawmakers revisited on Wednesday (4 May) new revelations of spying on European officials by the Pegasus software, criticising the lack of action by the European Commission, which prefers to leave the affair to the member states to handle.
Elections 03-05-2022

French Greens defend pact with Mélenchon’s party ahead of legislatives

Ahead of France's upcoming June legislative elections, the Greens have found themselves defending their new partnership with Jean-Luc Mélenchon's party amid accusations that it is compromising when it comes to the EU. EURACTIV France reports.
Technology 02-05-2022

Russia uses ‘troll factory’ to spread war propaganda online, UK says

UK-funded researchers have investigated the new tactics of a "troll factory" in St Petersburg involved in the Kremlin's large-scale disinformation campaign to justify the war in Ukraine.
Technology 26-04-2022

The Netherlands provides global hub for child pornography

The European Commission's proposal to fight child sexual abuse material (CSAM) online is still pending, while the EU has become a 'destination of choice' when it comes to hosting such content, according to a new report.
Elections 25-04-2022

Big relief after Macron’s re-election but ‘third round’ ahead

French President Emmanuel Macron pledged to unite a deeply divided nation after winning re-election on Sunday (24 April) in a battle against rival Marine Le Pen that saw the far right come its closest yet to taking power.
Elections 21-04-2022

Le Pen’s U-turn on EU policy is proving difficult to sell

France's far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen insists she wants to remain in the EU and "deeply" reform it despite accusations that her programme is just a veiled "Frexit". EURACTIV France reports.
Technology 19-04-2022

Paris court fines Deliveroo €375,000 for undeclared work

A French court ordered the maximum fine against food delivery company Deliveroo on Tuesday (19 April) for not hiring couriers as employees but as self-employed as the EU prepares its directive to clarify platform workers' status. EURACTIV France reports.
Elections 14-04-2022

Le Pen’s softened stance on Frexit is just talk

French far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has softened her stance on France's possible exit from the EU but her programme for the country, if elected, suggests otherwise.
Economy & Jobs 14-04-2022

Paris arrondissement mayor: Pandemic ‘accelerated’ trends, challenges are here to stay

The pandemic, while not having profoundly changed Paris' neighbourhoods, has revealed certain challenges and trends that are there to stay, the mayor of Paris' 18th arrondissement, Eric Lejoindre, told EURACTIV France in an interview.
Technology 13-04-2022

Macron reopens debate on ending anonymity online

French President Emmanuel Macron has reiterated his opposition to online anonymity, stating that he will not close the door on the idea of dismantling platforms. EURACTIV France reports.
Technology 13-04-2022

Twitter puts France’s electoral coverage ban to the test

France's ban on "electoral propaganda" during election weekends did not prevent political content related to the elections from trending on Twitter. EURACTIV France reports.
Technology 11-04-2022

Le Pen wants content moderation the French way or a public social network

Marine Le Pen, the far-right candidate facing president Emmanuel Macron in the second round of voting on 24 April, wants to clamp down on digital platforms and even create a "free, public social network" if they fail to cooperate with her.
Elections 11-04-2022

Macron and Le Pen head for cliffhanger 24 April election runoff

French leader Emmanuel Macron and challenger Marine Le Pen qualified on Sunday (10 April) for what promises to be a very tightly fought presidential election runoff on 24 April, pitting a pro-European economic liberal against a far-right nationalist.