Max Bank

Warning: Big Tech may use extended regulatory dialogues to undermine the Digital Markets Act

To limit the power of internet platforms, the EU is working on the Digital Markets Act (DMA). The Commission’s draft for the DMA looks promising and shows credible ambition to address digital gatekeepers like Google or Facebook and tackle monopoly power in Europe.

DMA: We need to talk about breaking up all-too powerful firms

With great concern, we have been observing the rising power of digital platforms such as Google, Facebook or Amazon. These platforms control central areas of the digital economy and use their market power to their own advantage, write Ulrich Müller and Max Bank.
Trade & Society 18-01-2016

TTIP’s regulatory cooperation has already begun attacking democracy

The origins of EU-US proposals for "regulatory cooperation" show a process dominated by big business right from the start. The ongoing TTIP talks are seeking to enshrine and fortify a dangerous precedent, argue Kenneth Haar and Max Bank.