Nicolas Schmit

Economy & Jobs 09-05-2022

No time to lose: EU focuses on vocational skills to deliver green transition

The European Commission is helping member states, companies, and workers to prepare for the massive effort of the green and digital transitions via a number of initiatives and platforms, with a particular focus on the labour market and vocational training. Commissioners Nicolas Schmit and Margaritis Schinas provide more details.
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Technology 10-11-2020

European Vocational Skills Week: jobs for the future through VET

Today, the green and digital transitions are reshaping our way of life, work and interactions – and the COVID-19 outbreak has dramatically accelerated most of these changes. Nicolas Schmit is the European Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights. The impact...
Economy & Jobs 21-06-2020

Homelessness cannot be just another ‘Fact of Life’ in the EU

Homelessness is increasing across the EU. It's time for the Commission and governments to turn the tide, write Nicolas Schmit, Ana Mendes Godinho and Yves Leterme.
Economy & Jobs 15-01-2020

Adapting labour markets to Europe’s green economy

Climate change has provoked an unprecedented response from the international community in recent years. However, as industry becomes greener, the working lives of Europeans will change, writes Nicolas Schmit