Nikos Tsafos

Energy 28-03-2022

Europe needs a smarter way out of Russian gas

Europe cannot just buy alternatives to Russian gas—it must create supply in a way that complies with its climate objectives and avoids locking in further greenhouse gas emissions, writes Nikos Tsafos.
Energy 31-01-2022

To deter Russia, threaten its role in the green economy

Nord Stream 2 is a poor lever to deter Russian aggression in Ukraine. To hit Russia where it hurts, Europe should instead leverage its regulatory might, in partnership with the United States, and threaten to shut it out from the new energy economy, writes Nikos Tsafos.

Europe needs a strategy for seasonal energy balancing

As the role of gas in the energy system evolves, the approach to meeting winter peak demand must also keep up, writes Nikos Tsafos. More fundamentally, someone needs to be responsible for supply security, he argues.
Energy 11-07-2017

Nord Stream 2 doesn’t matter

Nord Stream 2 continues to divide Europe. That's a pity. For all the noise, Nord Stream 2 is just a distraction - it doesn't really matter. Here's why, writes Nikos Tsafos.