Oliver Noyan

Global Europe 04-07-2022

EU has huge potential for closer partnership with Latin America, study says

While Latin Americans perceive the EU as the preferred partner to tackle many evolving global challenges, the EU has so far largely neglected the region, according to a new representative study by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

G7 stress close alignment with non-Western democracies amid fears of bloc politics

Leaders of the West’s biggest democracies sought to demonstrate unity with non-Western democracies at the G7 summit that concluded on Tuesday (28 June), as the world heads towards a new era of bloc politics.
Global Europe 27-06-2022

Western leaders gear up against Chinese influence

To tackle the growing influence of China and its belt and road initiative, Western leaders launched a Western counter-initiative worth $600 billion to lessen the Chinese economic grip on low- and middle-income countries.

Germany pushes to tie together enlargement and EU reform

While German Chancellor Scholz has demonstrated support for EU accession processes, he stressed on Wednesday (22 June) that enlargement must be tied to institutional reform of the EU.
Politics 20-06-2022

Germany seizes property of Russian Duma member

Germany seized the property of a Putin supporter on Monday (20 June) over violations of the EU sanction regime for the first time since the sanctions entered into effect.
Energy 20-06-2022

Austria reverts 2020 coal power phaseout following Gazprom gas cuts

Austria will receive less gas for the fourth day in a row, Russia’s Gazprom announced on Sunday, which has prompted a return to coal power, which the country phased out in 2020, following an emergency government meeting.
Circular economy 17-06-2022

Explosive demand growth could lead to supply shortages in raw materials

While the EU is currently working to unbundle the economic dependency on Russia, the exponential increase of demand for raw materials is unveiling increasing supply risks due to the high dependency on China, industry and experts warn.
Global Europe 10-06-2022

The Brief — Germany’s charm offensive towards non-Western democracies will fail

Since the onset of the war in Ukraine, the German government has increasingly shifted its attention toward non-Western democracies, trying to forge alliances to isolate Russia and ensure that the emerging multipolar world order bears a Western signature. However, the push is likely to fail.
Economy & Jobs 10-06-2022

Scholz warns of ‘deglobalisation’ following Ukraine war

German chancellor Olaf Scholz warned on Thursday (9 June) that the globe is heading towards a multipolar world order that could diminish international solidarity and lead to renewed block building and deglobalization.

Scholz and liberal finance minister clash over nuclear phase-out

Chancellor Olaf Sholz (Social Democrat) has nuked a possible proposal to prolong the phase-out of nuclear reactors, initially due to cease by the end of the year, put forward by Finance Minister Christian Linder (FDP). While Germany is struggling to...
Economy & Jobs 08-06-2022

Burned by Russia, Germany seeks to lessen dependence on China

Germany's dependence on Chinese raw materials is increasingly attracting the government's attention as it continues, together with the EU, to work at full speed on freeing itself from Russian economic dependence. EURACTIV Germany reports.

Merkel defends legacy of her Russia policy amid Ukraine war

In her first bigger media appearance since the end of her political career, former German chancellor Angela Merkel defended her controversial Russia policy and denied that she tried to appease Russian President Vladimir Putin. 
Economy & Jobs 01-06-2022

German cities prove resilient despite multiple challenges following the pandemic

While German cities are increasingly struggling to retain their diversity following the COVID-19 pandemic and the accelerated shift to online that comes with it, they have proven to be more resilient than previously expected.
Economy & Jobs 25-05-2022

EU ramping up efforts for strategic autonomy in raw materials

While Europe's dependency on Russian energy makes headlines, the EU is also increasingly keen decrease its dependency on third states - most notably China - when it comes to essential raw materials.
Economy & Jobs 25-05-2022

The Brief – The German fiscal hawk returns

The European Commission's announcement that the EU's rules on debt and deficits will remain suspended for another year has triggered a fierce reaction in Germany, whose finance minister - the liberal Christian Lindner - employed language reminiscent of Berlin’s austerity policy under Angela Merkel.
EU-Africa 23-05-2022

Scholz travels to Africa to forge closer ties with democracies amid Ukraine war

German chancellor Olaf Scholz travelled to Africa on Sunday (22 May) in an attempt to forge closer ties with like-minded democracies in an increasingly multipolar world order currently being reshaped by Russia's war in Ukraine.
Global Europe 20-05-2022

EU-accession of Western Balkans ‘top of the agenda’ in Germany

Germany has made the EU integration of the Western Balkans a top priority for the government as their accession is geopolitically important for the EU, German chancellor Olaf Scholz said on Thursday evening (19 May). Since the Russian war of...
Politics 20-05-2022

Scholz splits with EU Parliament socialists over ex-chancellor Schröder

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz opposes a European Parliament resolution calling for former Social Democrat Chancellor Gerhard Schröder to be put on the EU sanctions list due to his ties to the Kremlin, drawing the line at the measures already taken...
Politics 18-05-2022

EU Parliament threatens Schröder with sanctions for ties with Russia

The European Parliament is increasing its pressure on former German chancellor Gerhard Schröder, threatening him with sanctions if he refuses to resign from his posts in Russian companies, a joint draft motion, seen by EURACTIV, suggests.
Eastern Europe 17-05-2022

Germany open to Russian Central Bank asset seizure to finance Ukraine’s recovery

German finance minister Christian Lindner has indicated his support for the idea of seizing foreign assets held by the Russian central bank to rebuild Ukraine following the war.
Elections 16-05-2022

Scholz’s SPD suffers historic defeat in major state election

The German Social Democrats suffered a crushing defeat in Sunday’s state election in Germany’s most populous state and lost to the conservative CDU. The Greens were able to triple their vote and logged a historical result in the election.
Enlargement 12-05-2022

Kuleba: No to EU candidate status would ‘kill our hope’

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba emphasised on Thursday (12 May) the importance of reaching EU-candidacy status for its morale in the war, while German economy minister Robert Habeck warned of giving “false promises.”
Global Europe 10-05-2022

Germany embraces Macron’s proposal for a ‘European Political Community’

While Germany does not support a fast-tracked accession of Ukraine, foreign minister Annalena Baerbock said that she supports the idea of a reform of the EU to allow Ukraine and other countries to integrate more deeply with the bloc.
Eastern Europe 10-05-2022

German foreign minister calls for prosecution of war criminals during Ukraine visit

German Foreign minister Annalena Baerbock travelled to Kyiv on Tuesday (10 May) as the first minister of Scholz’s cabinet, where she demanded that the “war crimes and the crimes against humanity”  be investigated.