Oliver Roethig

Technology 11-09-2020

Digital services: time for the EU to act on Amazon

Last week’s revelations of how Amazon has ramped up its surveillance of workers were yet another reminder that working people need the EU to step up, writes Oliver Roethig.
Technology 24-06-2020

Digital tax: Stage set for EU leadership after Trump’s OECD withdrawal

Amazon does not need another massive handout, but that is what the Trump administration gave the US behemoth by withdrawing from international digital tax negotiations at the OECD. The timing could not be worse, write Christy Hoffman and Oliver Roethig.

An AAA-rated society for workers’ rights

This European Commission promised progress on social issues, but so far none has materialised. Europe’s workers need job security, well-defined right and a fair standard of living, writes Oliver Roethig.