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  • Scientists urge action against insect decline

    News | Agrifood 07-11-2017

    Scientists have come to Brussels to warn policymakers of the negative impact of pesticides on bees as the Commission prepares to propose a full ban on neonicotinoids.

  • Emission cuts: We’re two-thirds below what’s needed, UN says

    News | Climate change 02-11-2017

    The UN published its annual emission gap report on Tuesday (31 October), highlighting a dismal record:  ahead of COP23, countries fall two-thirds short of what is needed to reach the agreed reduction in emissions.

  • France opts for colour coded nutrition labelling

    News | Agrifood 02-11-2017

    France's ministers for health, agriculture and the economy signed on Tuesday (31 October) a decree introducing a voluntary labelling scheme for food products to reduce obesity, causing upheaval in the food industry.

  • The Brief: EU #metoo

    News | Politics 25-10-2017

    Since the Harvey Weinstein scandal hit Hollywood, 1.7 million women and men worldwide have gone public with their own stories of sexual harassment or voiced support for victims under the #metoo hashtag, or the more forceful French version, #balancetonporc (dump your pig).

  • EU fishermen weigh in on Brexit tug-of-war

    News | Brexit 25-10-2017

    On Monday (23 October) 60 coastal communities from nine EU countries called on EU negotiators to secure EU fishermen’s interests in Brexit talks, as the UK seeks to take fisheries out of the final deal.

  • Northern Italy referendum: Regions seek greater autonomy

    News | Politics 23-10-2017

    Two wealthy northern regions in Italy voted on Sunday (22 October) in favour of having increased independence from Rome, in a non-binding referendum that set the stage for negotiations on more autonomy with the central government.