Pekka Vanttinen

Coronavirus 09-03-2021

Russia offers Finland technology to make Sputnik V vaccine

Russia has offered to supply Finland with the technology to produce its Sputnik V vaccine,  Tass news agency reported, in what observers fear is a strategic manoeuvre with political and commercial motives.
Politics 25-09-2020

HELSINKI – Border restrictions return

Due to the worsening COVID-19 situation in Europe, the Finnish government decided on Thursday (24 September) to reinstate travel restrictions that were eased less than a week ago. From next Monday (28 September), Finnish citizens can travel only to six...
Politics 12-06-2020

HELSINKI – Everyday-racism a problem in Finland

A new survey released in the aftermath of the Black Lives Matter demonstrations on Tuesday (9 June) shows that people of African descent living in Finland experience racism and discrimination on a daily basis. An earlier 2018 European Union report...

Finland’s possible NATO membership remains red flag for Russia

Even if Russia has said that it is up to Finland to decide on its possible NATO membership, such a decision would still have negative implications for the bilateral relations, according to a study commissioned by the previous Finnish government and published on Monday (4 May).

Finland joins Portugal and France in alleviating Greece’s migrant burden

Finland will help Greece, Cyprus and Malta by taking 175 refugees from the camps and reception centres in these countries. With this move, Finland joins France and Portugal which made similar decisions previously.
Energy 11-02-2020

Finland set to become EU’s sole uranium producer

The Finnish government has granted a uranium recovery and refinery permit to Terrafame, a 70% state-owned company. Since the Czech Republic and Romania have stopped their operations, this decision will make Finland the EU's only uranium producer.