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Energy 07-12-2018

Polish power sector contributions to COP24 in Katowice

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On December, 6 during Power Sector Day at the COP24, the Polish Electricity Association presented the results of the report on the contribution of the Polish energy sector to the implementation of the global climate policy.
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Energy 28-11-2018

Towards Poland’s 2040 Energy Mix

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The Polish Electricity Association (PKEE) welcomes the ambitious proposal of the Ministry of Energy on 2040 energy policy in the context of EU long term emissions’ reductions strategy.
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Energy 16-10-2018

PKEE launches special report ‘Electricity market reform: a European Tour’

A harmonised system for Capacity Mechanisms was proposed in the Clean Energy for All package as a means to allow governments manage security of supply concerns whilst energy systems transition to sustainable fuels and utilisation operations. The report highlights key recommendations for their effective design to aid current discussion on EU Electricity Market legislation.
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What will be the future of the EU capacity markets?

Brussels, Madrid, Paris, Rome – four European capitals, four debates and four views on the European capacity mechanisms. The meetings organised this year by the Polish Electricity Association (PKEE) were attended by over 300 experts who defined the desired development of the EU power sector.
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Electricity 14-09-2018

PKEE: Polish capacity market is designed for low-carbon electricity

The capacity market in Poland has a so-called “green bonus”, which allows a two-year extension of the multiannual capacity contracts provided that a 450 kg CO2/MWh emission performance standard is met, says Maciej Burny.
Electric vehicles 25-05-2018

Polish power sector supports electrification of transport

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Electrification of transport will bring a broad range of benefits. Cleaner air (especially in densely populated areas), better urban transport, safer and quieter vehicles and lower oil imports. That is why the Polish power sector supports electrification of the sector.