Ram?nas Bogdanas

Global Europe 10-11-2014

Baltic region security and a hot October in the Baltic Sea

Faced with episodes such as the recent search of what may have been a Russian submarine in Swedish waters, the Baltic region countries should come up with collective defensive decisions, writes Ram?nas Bogdanas.
Ram?nas Bogdanas
Energy 22-10-2014

What is the future for shale gas in Lithuania?

One year ago, Lithuania’s Prime Minister made no effort to encourage Chevron to stay and explore the possibility to develop shale gas in the country. Today the country may regret it, writes Ram?nas Bogdanas.
Europe's East 17-10-2014

Ukraine’s painful realities

There is one thing that neither fans of Russia nor patriots of Ukraine in Odessa or Nikolayev can dispute: all totally agree that Russia attacked Ukraine, writes Ram?nas Bogdanas.