Richard Howitt

Elections 25-02-2016

What’s in a name?: Macedonia’s problems go much deeper

Deadlines continue to come and go with wearisome rapidity in the ongoing political crisis between the two majority ethnic political parties of Macedonia, writes Richard Howitt MEP.
Global Europe 16-02-2016

Should Europe impose sanctions on the Maldives?

World famous for its luxury holidays, The Maldives has become notorious for democratic and human rights abuse, writes Richard Howitt, calling for concerted international action.

Is Europe’s ‘refugee deal’ giving in to blackmail by Turkey?

Two million Syrian refugees are being treated as bargaining chips, with the result being European complicity in rigging Turkey's 1 November elections, writes British MEP Richard Howitt.
MH17 wreckage guard
Europe's East 27-07-2015

How far should Europe go for the security of Ukraine?

Europe should be prepared to commit hard defence in support for Ukraine and maintain sanctions against Russia, writes Richard Howitt ahead of a UN Security Council meeting over the downing of Malaysia Airlines MH17 one year ago.