Sam Morgan with Alexandra Brzozowski

Politics 16-07-2019

The Brief, powered by BP – il Segreto

Those of you familiar with a certain Italian eatery in the European Quarter in Brussels will be aware of an enigmatic pizza option known as il Segreto. But MEPs would be wise to dispense with secrets when it comes to making far-reaching decisions, like who should be Commission president.
Climate change 11-07-2019

The Brief – The art of the climate deal

Commission president hopeful Ursula von der Leyen tried her hand at a spot of climate diplomacy on Wednesday (10 July) but her efforts fell flat. Finland’s EU presidency showed her how it’s done today.

The Brief – Poland’s failure to think big

"We don't know what they're playing at". "It's impossible to have a debate on this". "We were ready to tear our hair out". Those are just some of the diplomatic reactions to Poland's blocking of a climate deal at last week's Council summit.
Transport 12-06-2019

The Brief – Merger madness

Fiat-Chrysler’s offer to merge with Renault fell apart last week, with the Italian-American firm citing French government influence as an insurmountable challenge. How does this tally with Paris and Berlin’s quest to create so-called European champions to compete globally?

The Brief – Finland’s time paradox

The Finns take over the EU rotating presidency in July but face a race against time to deliver on their most ambitious goal.
EU Elections 2019 29-05-2019

The Brief – In search of balance

EU leaders want to inject a degree of balance and fairness into the process of doling out the raft of top institutional jobs. But this admirable quest may have already fallen at the first hurdle.
EURoad2Sibiu 06-05-2019

The Brief – Taboo talk in Transylvania

EU leaders gather in the Romanian city of Sibiu this week to talk about the future of Europe but what kind of chat will be off limits over coffee and cake?

The Brief – Green is the new black

Politicians on both sides of the Atlantic are talking more and more about a 'Green New Deal' as climate change concerns start to actually take hold. But can Europe’s leaders square the worries of the gilets jaunes with the gilets jeunes?
Politics 04-04-2019

The Brief – Baltic Boys Club

Lithuania’s prime minister appointed a new environment chief yesterday and in doing so made his government the only all-male administration in the EU.
Transport 26-03-2019

The Brief – EU Time-Turners

Time will spring forward as usual on Sunday, as we enter daylight savings time. Get used to climbing on chairs and tables to fiddle with clock faces though, because the idea of scrapping the annual change will take a while to actually take hold.
Politics 20-03-2019

The Brief – A Brexit dividend you didn’t expect

A cursory glance at most news outlets will leave you with a sense of dread about the upcoming EU elections. Doom is on the horizon and we should all be worried. But don’t despair, rejoice, because Europe finally matters.
Politics 06-03-2019

The Brief, powered by EUROBAT – Jupiter condescending

Emmanuel Macron is at it again: proclaiming grand plans for European reform and a new political ‘renaissance’, while his previous bright ideas are still languishing on a dusty shelf. Perhaps what Europe now needs is a bit of action, rather than another vague vision.
Transport 31-01-2019

The Brief – Pulmonary madness

Everybody enjoys clean air. It invigorates you, draws the pollution out of your lungs and makes you feel alive. We even spend fortunes to escape the city in search of it. But some people in Germany do not seem to be interested in that and even think that air quality standards are protecting our health too much.
Politics 15-01-2019

The Brief – Trading places

As the European elections draw ever closer, EU leaders are quietly manoeuvring into position the candidates they want to install in the next European Commission. Here are some of the latest developments.
Politics 08-01-2019

The Brief – Back with a bang

Don’t call it a comeback, he’s been here all along. Brexit boss Michel Barnier definitely still wants the EU’s top job and is now touting himself as the candidate everyone could live with.
Politics 18-12-2018

The Brief – Sick men of Europe

Poland's foreign minister labelled France a "sick man of Europe" on national TV this week but beds at the Ode to Joy hospital are rapidly filling up. There's no silver bullet for the smorgasbord of ailments on show though. Can Europe get fighting fit before May's elections?
Global Europe 14-12-2018

Trans-Europe Express – Cognac catalyst

How much influence does the EU actually have over the rest of the world? In one of the most volatile regions in the northern hemisphere, the answer is: quite a lot (potentially). 
Politics 04-12-2018

The Brief – How to lose friends and influence no one

Curvy cucumbers, Turkey in the EU, uncontrolled migration: all debunked lies exploited by the pro-Brexit campaign. But there’s one aspect of the EU that Leavers could've legitimately painted on the side of their bus. And it reared its monstrous head again today.
Politics 16-11-2018

The Brief, powered by EUSALT – How to win the European elections

One news story dominated headlines this week but you won't find a mention of it in today’s Brief. Instead, let’s look at how European politicians could win the next elections. Oh, and save the world while they’re at it.
EU Elections 2019 07-11-2018

The Brief, powered by EFPIA – Taking the low road

Viktor Orbán’s face literally loomed over Brussels on Tuesday, plastered as it was on the side of a van. The idea was to denounce his brand of illiberal democracy as a 'threat to EU values'. But are cheap stunts like this really what the EU needs ahead of May’s elections?
Climate change 08-10-2018

The Brief – Climate cabal

Europe has an easy decision to make soon: either save trillions of euros, prevent the deaths of thousands of people and do its part to save the planet from climate oblivion. Or keep going the way we are. Staggeringly, the former option is not everybody’s first choice.
Future EU 02-10-2018

The Brief – Scrapping Strasbourg

Many of you reading today’s Brief will be sat in Strasbourg, perhaps enjoying a Flammkuche with a cool Kronenbourg, but make the most of it because the monthly jaunt to the Alsace capital could be coming to an end.
Politics 06-09-2018

The Brief – Donald Tusk: Last Action Hero

With the Venice Film Festival in full swing, European Council boss Donald Tusk dropped a trailer for this year’s hottest blockbuster. Now that the race to be the next Commission president has well and truly begun, wannabe Junckers should take a leaf out of the Pole’s political playbook.
Politics 27-08-2018

The Brief – Horrendous hindsight

Anyone hoping that a summer break and some time at the beach would cure the UK of its virulent bout of Brexit madness is in for a disappointment. The illness continues to resist all forms of treatment, only the clock is now ticking in earnest.