Sam Morgan with Alexandra Brzozowski

Politics 06-09-2018

The Brief, sponsored by Danfoss – Donald Tusk: Last Action Hero

With the Venice Film Festival in full swing, European Council boss Donald Tusk dropped a trailer for this year’s hottest blockbuster. Now that the race to be the next Commission president has well and truly begun, wannabe Junckers should take a leaf out of the Pole’s political playbook.
Politics 27-08-2018

The Brief – Horrendous hindsight

Anyone hoping that a summer break and some time at the beach would cure the UK of its virulent bout of Brexit madness is in for a disappointment. The illness continues to resist all forms of treatment, only the clock is now ticking in earnest.
Politics 26-07-2018

The Brief – EU Storm Front

Europe has been ravaged by flames this week. But there are other fires that continue to burn. Did we start them?
Future EU 06-06-2018

The Brief, powered by Yara – Strasbourg single seat silliness

Relocating the European Parliament to Strasbourg every month is a waste of time and money. You know it, I know it, we all know it. But France refuses to let go. Instead of holding on to it, Macron should start using it as a bargaining chip.
Climate change 28-05-2018

The Brief, powered by 2025AD – Climate Chariots of Fire

More than 40,000 people signed up to run the Brussels 20km yesterday, on a Sunday that was brimming with a great atmosphere and car-free roads. But such late-spring days could be numbered, thanks to the scorching heat.
Transport 18-05-2018

The Brief – Fast and Furious: Brussels Drift

The Commission couldn’t have picked a more smoggy week in Brussels to unveil new emissions cuts and hit national capitals with air quality legal cases.
Politics 24-04-2018

The Brief – I’m a billionaire, get me out of here!

A Croatian billionaire who set up one of the largest companies in the Balkans will be extradited back to his native country to face charges of fraud. But what chance does Ivica Todorić really have of getting a fair trial in the EU’s newest member state?
Climate change 20-04-2018

The Brief – Climate dominoes

The EU wants to prove that its climate action credentials are genuine, which means being top of the class in taking the Paris Agreement seriously. That could all hinge on a series of meetings scheduled for next month. So no pressure then…
Elections 28-02-2018

The Brief – Berlusconi’s puppet show

Silvio Berlusconi, like any half-decent B-movie villain or that spider that lives in your kitchen, refuses to stay (politically) dead. He has, inexplicably to non-Italians, clawed his way back into political relevance and his latest masterplan is just starting to become clear.