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Railways 28-10-2020

Europe’s fledgling night-train revival feels virus bite

Night train services across Europe will be put on hiatus in November, Austria’s railway company announced on Wednesday (28 October), as soaring coronavirus case numbers make cross-border routes untenable for the time being.
Outer space 28-10-2020

Destination Moon: Europe’s astronauts ink NASA deal

The European Space Agency signed an agreement with US counterpart NASA on Tuesday (27 October) that confirms Europe’s involvement in building a space station in orbit around the Moon and clears the way for 'Euronauts' to set foot on the lunar surface for the first time.
Transport 27-10-2020

Autobahn angst, Eurostar flop & Berlin’s airport saga

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Shipping 27-10-2020

Norway’s green hydrogen ship granted €8m in EU funding

A prototype vessel powered by zero-emission hydrogen could take to Norway’s coastal waters in a few years, ferrying cargo and delivering hydrogen supplies to strategic areas, after the EU’s research and innovation fund has doled out €8 million to the pilot project.
Railways 27-10-2020

Eurostar’s Amsterdam odyssey kicks off to little fanfare

Cross-Channel rail operator Eurostar operated its first direct service between Amsterdam and London on Monday (26 October), nearly a year later than originally scheduled. However, due to the worsening health crisis, the train ran nearly empty between the two capitals.
Transport 26-10-2020

Aircraft air quality and transport’s virus-risk in focus

Air quality on flights is due to improve if the European Union agrees to back new safety standards. The fresh push for cleaner air comes as transport companies struggle to convince passengers their services are low risk in the ongoing spread of the coronavirus. 
Transport 26-10-2020

Transport leaders go in search of safe data spaces

The coronavirus is likely to accelerate transport’s shift towards digitalisation and help the sector decrease both its environmental footprint and its costs. But in order for digital solutions to work, trust has to be built first, top industry voices have warned.
Politics 22-10-2020

The Brief, powered by ECPC – A huge waste of time

Daylight savings time finishes on Sunday, reminding us that not so long ago the EU planned to do away with the biannual clock change. But if the management of the pandemic is anything to go by, you can forget about that happening anytime soon.
Transport 22-10-2020

EU bank urged to put brakes on Germany’s motorway millions

The European Investment Bank’s decision to loan Germany €264 million to build a new stretch of autobahn has provoked outcry from environmental activists and raised doubts about whether the Luxembourg-based lender can yet claim to be the ‘EU climate bank’.
Transport 20-10-2020

Taste of the space race, ship-shapes & two-wheeled COVID 

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Climate change 15-10-2020

The Brief, powered by logos – Faltered carbon

EU leaders will talk climate policy at today’s Council summit, but the big moment will come at December’s meeting when they will likely agree on new emissions-busting measures. It is worth asking: is the EU fundamentally equipped to tackle climate breakdown?
Batteries 14-10-2020

Battery rules review to spark legislative domino-effect

The EU’s grand ambitions to corner a significant chunk of the multi-billion-euro global battery market will take a step forward this year, when the bloc’s executive branch reviews the rules that underpin the manufacturing and recycling of power packs.
Transport 13-10-2020

Car CO2 race is on, Alitalia reborn & Europe’s moonshot

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Climate change 08-10-2020

The Brief, powered by CEN-CENELEC – Clear and infectious danger

Europeans tend to devote too much headspace to following US politics and not enough bandwidth to what is going on over on this side of the Atlantic. But this time around, it pays to keep an eye out, as this White House race has an existential element to it.
Transport 07-10-2020

More motorways, rail rights ruckus & the new new silk road

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Railways 02-10-2020

Railway rights reform falls flat

A long-awaited update to the EU’s train passenger rights codex was finally brokered on Thursday (1 October) but the agreement has left consumer groups and rail advocates more than disappointed.
Transport 29-09-2020

Trans-Europ returns, MAX comeback & get to the chopper

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Economy & Jobs 28-09-2020

The Brief – Penny pinchers

Plans to ditch one- and two-cent euro coins have moved forward, as the Commission starts to crunch the numbers on new minting and pricing rules. Should the eurozone banish its two smallest denominations of currency?
Climate change 25-09-2020

The Brief, powered by ESA – China’s climate gift

EU climate diplomacy is mostly geared towards convincing big polluting countries to go green. This week, that partly paid off when China pledged to go carbon-neutral by 2060, which may even help Europe be more environmentally ambitious.
Aviation 25-09-2020

Grounded Boeings set to get all clear from EU regulator

The European Union’s Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is gearing up to give Boeing’s 737 MAX aircraft a clean bill of health in November, the regulator’s executive director indicated on Friday (25 September).
Railways 24-09-2020

Eurotunnel on track for Brexit disruption as talks falter

The UK government was accused on Tuesday (22 September) of failing to ensure the cross-Channel rail link can continue to operate after the Brexit transition is over, while EU officials are yet to confirm their plans for the tunnel.
Railways 24-09-2020

Rail boosted by EU transport chiefs as TEE 2.0 planned

EU transport ministers pledged to give more attention to international rail freight and consider plans that would relaunch the Trans-Europ Express network, during a meeting of minds on Monday (21 September).
Health 22-09-2020

E-racing first motorsport to go carbon-neutral

The Formula-E racing championship announced on Monday (21 September) that it has cut and offset enough greenhouse gas emissions to declare carbon-neutrality, becoming the first motorsport formula to achieve the feat.
Aviation 22-09-2020

Corona-crisis and Brexit boost EU air traffic reform hopes

The European Commission made a fresh bid to update the EU’s ageing air traffic management system on Tuesday (22 September), pinning its hopes of a long-overdue agreement on COVID-19’s impact on aviation and Brexit.