Sam Morgan

Aviation 22-12-2020

Boeing crash victim families denounce EU’s upcoming MAX approval

The families of the victims of a deadly plane crash lodged a complaint with the EU’s aviation safety regulator on Tuesday (22 December), which is due to give the Boeing MAX aircraft permission to return to the sky in January.
Transport 21-12-2020

Fiat-Chrysler and Peugeot get merger green light

The European Commission approved a team-up between Italo-American carmaker Fiat-Chrysler and French manufacturer Peugeot on Monday (21 December), but Brussels identified several concerns which the firms have pledged to address.
Politics 21-12-2020

A look-back at 2020

2020 is nearly over. Coronavirus has dominated all the news over the last 12 months but plenty more happened besides. Sam Morgan saves you the trauma of trying to remember it yourselves and looks back at what happened in 2020.
Economy 17-12-2020

The Brief, powered by Goldman Sachs – Erasmus Fuss

UK students are set to lose access to the EU’s foreign exchange scheme, Erasmus+, in what will arguably be the biggest Brexit-perpetrated crime. Forget the economics of it, this is wrecking a whole generation’s prospects.
Aerospace 17-12-2020

Airbus reveals hydrogen ‘plane pods’ concept

European aerospace giant Airbus revealed more details about its hydrogen aircraft project on Thursday (17 December), which could include a propeller-driven plane "unlike anything seen on today’s runways".
Railways 17-12-2020

No light yet at end of Channel Tunnel Brexit talks

Talks between France and the United Kingdom over the management of the Channel Tunnel risk failing as the EU’s plan for the rail link is “absolutely unacceptable”, a UK government minister said on Wednesday (16 December).
Aviation 16-12-2020

Plane power set for a defining decade

Aviation technology is due to reach new heights over the course of the next decade, as efficiency improvements, advancements in fuel development and even new forms of propulsion take to the skies. It could usher in a new age of flight.
Competition 16-12-2020

Speed skating’s tough rules carved up by EU court

Eligibility rules imposed by the governing body of professional ice skating are not in keeping with the EU’s competition codex because they unfairly penalise competitors, the EU’s top court ruled on Wednesday (16 December).
Energy 15-12-2020

Europe’s truck giants to ditch diesel, as hydrogen’s benefits come to fore

Seven major truck manufacturers pledged to stop selling fossil fuelled vehicles by 2040 on Tuesday (15 December), just as a landmark new study made the case that hydrogen should play a major role in powering heavy-duty transport in the coming years.
Transport 15-12-2020

Bailout blues, ‘Doomsday’ theft & no-deal Brexit prep

Welcome to EURACTIV’s weekly Transport Brief – your one port of call for all the news moving the world and much more!
Outer space 14-12-2020

France and Germany launch space race alliance

Franco-German cooperation on space policy will reach new levels after the economic ministers of the two countries pledged to work together more closely on securing Europe’s independent access to the stars.
Aviation 14-12-2020

France injects billions of euros into favoured airlines

The French government is reportedly going to increase its stake in national carrier Air France, in a move that will shore up the airline with up to €5 billion, and has also won EU support for its plan to help Corsair ride out the pandemic.
Shipping 14-12-2020

Ship ‘coffee breaks’ not enough to avoid EU carbon charges

The European Union is on course to extend its emission trading scheme to shipping but is yet to decide which voyages should actually be included. New analysis insists that shippers should not try to game the system, as the potential savings on offer are negligible.

New EU chemical evaluation promises quicker, better results

Authorising or banning potentially hazardous substances in the European Union can drag on for years and the current rules allow separate regulators to run their own assessments, sometimes leading to different outcomes. A planned new regime aims to change that.
Politics 10-12-2020

The Brief, powered by Facebook – Strasbourg Farce

The European Parliament’s president will open next week’s plenary session in person in Strasbourg. But there won’t be any MEPs there, in what is the latest mad installment of the single-seat saga.
Future of mobility 09-12-2020

European transport’s green drive on the starting line

The European Commission launched on Wednesday (9 December) its vision for how to clean up transport’s emissions act, as part of a four year action plan designed to help the bloc hit its 2050 climate-neutrality target.
Transport 09-12-2020

Waste shipment rule tweaks aim to streamline recycling

European rules that dictate how waste materials can be transported within, into and out of the EU are due an update. Industrial players insist that a review cannot come quickly enough, as the current laws are an obstacle to green policies like recycling.
Aviation 09-12-2020

Ryanair sues at EU’s top court over KLM’s €3.4bn bailout

Irish low-cost airline Ryanair has launched legal action against the European Commission over its decision to approve the Dutch government’s €3.4 billion in state aid for national carrier KLM.
Railways 08-12-2020

Four countries pledge night-train nirvana in Europe

Austria, France, Germany and Switzerland agreed to boost night-trains on their rail networks on Tuesday (8 December), with a host of new services connecting cities across Europe due to launch at the end of 2021.

EU still undecided over ‘essential’ hazardous materials

The European Commission’s new chemicals strategy aims to ditch hazardous and toxic substances in order to protect human health and the environment. But there will be exceptions for applications that are deemed essential. The debate over what that means is still ongoing.
Transport 08-12-2020

Mobility masterplan, night-train nirvana & China’s Moon mission

Welcome to EURACTIV’s weekly Transport Brief – your one port of call for all the news moving the world and much more!
Energy 07-12-2020

Denmark and Norway team up to build world’s largest hydrogen ferry

A Danish-Norwegian project aimed at building what will be the world’s largest and most powerful hydrogen-fuelled ferry has applied for EU funding. The plan is to start operating a Copenhagen-Oslo service by 2027.
Aviation 07-12-2020

Jet-zero: How aviation aims to clean up its emissions act

Air travel is on the cusp of what could be a green revolution, as pressure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and new initiatives aimed at reducing clean power costs begin to capture attention.
Climate change 04-12-2020

The Brief, powered by APPLiA – Climate brain death

‘The Paris Agreement is not dead yet’, climate analysts insisted this week, after crunching the numbers on the latest slew of green policies pledged by countries around the world. But with the hope comes the risk of fatal complacency.