Samuel Stolton

Digital & Media 16-04-2021

Digital Vaccine Passports are coming

This week, we examine the Commission’s plans to introduce a Digital Green Certificate, the aim of which is to ensure the freedom of movement within the EU during the covid crisis.
Digital & Media 09-04-2021

The 533 million

This week, we take the examine the recent Facebook data breach that has reportedly impacted 533 million users worldwide.
Digital & Media 26-03-2021

What next for Section 230?

This week, we take a look at the latest hearing of Big Tech's Zuckerberg, Pichai, and Dorsey in Thursday's Energy and Commerce committee session
Digital & Media 19-03-2021

The Digital Decade

This week, we take a look into the thinking behind the Commission's recently published plans for their so-called 'Digital Decade' targets
Digital & Media 05-03-2021

The plight of the Platform Workers

This week we take a look at the Commission’s plans for protecting the future of platform workers in the EU
Digital & Media 26-02-2021

5G in France

This week we take a look at what’s in store for the future of 5G in the EU, with a particular focus on recent developments in France.
Digital & Media 18-02-2021

A Digital Euro

This Spring, the European Central Bank will decide whether or not to move ahead with preparatory work to launch a digital euro, a project that could have far-reaching implications for the very foundations of the financial system.
Digital & Media 12-02-2021

The Black screens of Poland

A range of private media outlets went off the air in Poland on Wednesday
Digital & Media 05-02-2021

The future of EU robotics

The development of next generation robotics technologies, has been cited as an important part of the EU’s future economic growth and recovery
Digital & Media 29-01-2021

Surveilling Europe’s borders

This week Samuel Stolton speaks to an MEP who has taken the lead in making this an important issue for the EU to examine.
Digital & Media 22-01-2021

What next for Artificial Intelligence in the EU?

In this week’s edition, we take a deep dive into the European Union’s next moves in the Artificial Intelligence space
Digital & Media 14-01-2021

Copyright in Germany

This week, we hone in on one of the countries that played host to a groundswell of opposition to the plans: Germany
Digital & Media 18-12-2020

DSA & DMA Explained

This week, EURACTIV takes a deeper dive to see what’s in store as part of the plans.
Digital & Media 11-12-2020

The future for Brexit data

As we edge closer to December 31st, concerns are starting to amplify over how data transfers will take place between the EU and the UK after Brexit.
Digital & Media 04-12-2020

The New Competition Tool is dead

After rumors had been circulating in Brussels earlier this week, the Commission confirmed that the publication of the Digital Services Act and the Digital Markets Act would be pushed back to December 15th
Digital & Media 27-11-2020

The EU’s Data Governance Act unpacked

This week, the European Commission has unveiled its highly-anticipated Data Governance Act. In our latest transmission, we take a closer look at the plans.
Digital & Media 20-11-2020

The battle for Europe’s new cyber hub

A series of EU nations have started to make their cases for the nomination as the bloc’s next cybersecurity hub. This week, take a look at the battle for Europe’s new cyber centre.
Digital & Media 13-11-2020

Data transfers fit for Schrems?

This week, the European Commission has published its draft decision on standard contractual clauses (SCCs) for the transfer of personal data to third countries, after the Schrems II strikedown earlier this year
Digital & Media 06-11-2020

US Election Special

This week, Samuel Stolton takes a look at how the ballot may influence the future of EU digital policy as well as transatlantic elections.
Digital & Media 30-10-2020

Big Tech Breakup

Talk of a potential Big Tech breakup has not gone away.
Digital & Media 23-10-2020

Parliament speaks out on Digital Services Act

The European Parliament has overwhelmingly backed a series of reports which could have a profound impact on the future of the platform economy
Digital & Media 15-10-2020

EU Cloud Sovereignty

Global technology giants including Google, Microsoft, and IBM, in addition to Chinese players in the market, are welcome to take part in the EU’s ambitious cloud infrastructure project Gaia-X, German Economy Minister Peter Altmaier said on Thursday.
Digital & Media 01-10-2020

European Digital Identity

European Council summit where EU leaders are set to sign off on commitments made to bolster the EU's digital clout in the world, with a new series of so-called Digital Compass benchmarks for 2030. 
Digital & Media 24-09-2020

Will UK be ‘data’ adequate?

The European Commission has concerns that certain aspects of the UK’s data protection regime may change in the future and negatively impact the safety of EU personal data