Sarantis Michalopoulos

Politics 02-04-2020

Centre-right leaders ask Tusk to expel Orban’s Fidesz from EPP

Eleven of Europe's centre-right political leaders have asked Donald Tusk, the president of the conservative European People’s Party (EPP), to expel Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s Fidesz party from its ranks, according to a letter seen by
Economy & Jobs 02-04-2020

Debts can be returned unlike human lives, Tsipras says

Human lives do not come back unlike public debts which can be returned, former Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras wrote in an op-ed for Le Monde.
Agrifood 01-04-2020

EU biofuel industry warns Commission about ‘derogations’ in fossil fuel blending

A number of member states in Central and Eastern Europe are considering “derogations” in fossil fuel blending as part of the extraordinary measures to tackle the economic implications of the coronavirus, the EU biofuels industry has warned.
Agrifood 31-03-2020

EU Parliament wants plenary vote on new CAP after summer break

The coordinators of political groups on the European Parliament’s agriculture committee agreed on Monday (30 March) to hold a plenary vote on the post-2020 Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)  “after the summer break”, according to a document seen by EURACTIV.
Coronavirus 30-03-2020

Greek PM asks lawmakers to donate half of salary to coronavirus fight

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis today (30 March) called on the lawmakers of his New Democracy party (EPP) to set aside half of their salary for the coronavirus special account for the next two months.
Agrifood 30-03-2020

Stakeholders call for ‘reality check’ on EU road transport and energy policy

Europe’s ambitious plans for road transport decarbonisation need a “reality check” in order to result in a pragmatic decrease of emissions and oil products, energy stakeholders told
Economy & Jobs 25-03-2020

Nine member states ask for eurobonds to face coronavirus crisis

Nine eurozone countries sent a letter on Wednesday (25 March) to the President of the EU Council, Charles Michel, asking for a common debt instrument to mitigate the damage caused by the coronavirus crisis.
Coronavirus 23-03-2020

Pharma boss: EU will have to focus on long-term medical research ecosystem

After the coronavirus crisis is over, Europe will need policies that can create a research ecosystem in the long run as well as ensure access to medicines to the patients who need them in a way that is sustainable for health systems today and tomorrow, a leading representative of European pharmaceuticals told EURACTIV in an interview.
Coronavirus 20-03-2020

China rejects US ‘stigma’ over coronavirus, winks at EU

Beijing strongly condemned US President Donald Trump’s latest habit to call the coronavirus a “Chinese virus” and urged everyone to follow the science instead. At the same time, China has stepped up efforts to send equipment and experts to Europe, now the epicentre of the pandemic, in what AFP described as 'mask diplomacy'.
Coronavirus 19-03-2020

Greece mulls banning all foreign flights from Sunday

The Greek government is seriously considering temporarily banning all foreign flights as of 22 March to halt the spread of the coronavirus, Greek media reported on Thursday (19 March).
Global Europe 19-03-2020

Turkey shuts borders with Greece and Bulgaria amid coronavirus fears

The Turkish government has decided to close its rail and land border with Greece and Bulgaria amid fears over the coronavirus spread, AFP quoted Turkish media as saying.
Health 17-03-2020

The Brief, powered by ESA – ‘Whatever it takes’ to give EU the health competence

Eurogroup’s chief pledged on Monday (16 March) to do “whatever it takes” to fight coronavirus and protect the EU economy from another recession. It’s still early, let’s get there first, but after the crisis is over, citizens should rightly ask...
Coronavirus 16-03-2020

Greece tightens measures, all new arrivals will be quarantined

The Greek government has decided to shut down commercial stores in addition to schools, cinemas, bars and restaurants, in response to the escalating coronavirus outbreak. It has also announced that people who enter the Greek territory will be put in a 14-day quarantine.
Coronavirus 12-03-2020

Social distancing the only cost-effective solution to coronavirus for now

The only solution to contain the spread of the coronavirus outbreak and prevent serious strains on health systems and economies across Europe is to employ preventive measures like staying home, taking care of children, shopping on behalf of grandparents, EU sources told
Health 12-03-2020

Commission’s new Pharmaceutical Strategy wants to touch core issues

The European Commission is planning to re-open basically all files related to the pharmaceutical industry with its roadmap for a new Pharmaceutical Strategy, seen by
Coronavirus 12-03-2020

Greek PM preaches science to Orthodox Church on coronavirus

Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the Greek Prime Minister, urged the Orthodox Church yesterday (12 March) to observe scientific recommendations when it comes to public gatherings as authorities step up measures to contain the coronavirus outbreak.
Enlargement 12-03-2020

Brussels warns Erdogan not to hinder efforts to solve EU-Turkey crisis

Turkey must stick to its recent “clear” commitment and stop undermining chances to sort out the ongoing crisis with Brussels by threatening to keep borders open for migrants, EU spokesperson Peter Stano has said.
Health 09-03-2020

Catholics take measures against coronavirus while Greek Orthodox Church ‘prays’

While religious authorities around the world are taking precautions against the coronavirus outbreak, the Greek Orthodox Church has so far failed to address the issue adequately.

Greece expels Nazi group from EU border

Greek authorities expelled from the country on Friday (6 March) a group of German neo-Nazis who visited the EU’s external frontier with the aim of spreading nationalistic hatred, Greek media have reported.
Coronavirus 06-03-2020

Coronavirus puts Europe’s solidarity to the test

Italy, affected by the coronavirus more than any other EU country, has been requesting since last week other member states’ assistance in providing personal protective equipment such as masks. However, just one member state responded to the request, EURACTIV was informed.

Migration turmoil at EU border whets Nazi groups’ appetite

The chaotic situation with thousands of migrants and refugees stranded at the Greek-Turkish border has attracted the interest of Nazi groups across Europe, who have already visited the EU’s external frontier with the aim of spreading nationalistic hatred, Greek media have reported.

Ciolos: EU should push for no-fly zone in Syria to halt refugee waves

The EU should propose a no-fly zone over Idlib in northwestern Syria at the United Nations level, but member states are still not united over this proposal, Dacian Cioloș, the President of Renew Europe group in the European Parliament told in an interview.
Health 06-03-2020

EU focuses on face masks challenge as coronavirus outbreak escalates

EU health ministers will hold an extraordinary meeting today (6 March) to discuss the latest developments regarding the COVID-19 outbreak and particularly their readiness to confront the rapid spread of the virus across the bloc. EURACTIV was informed that the...

EU ‘strongly’ rejects Turkey’s migration pressure but next steps unclear

The EU will not accept Turkey’s migration pressure at its external borders and will use all necessary measures, in accordance with international law, to stop illegal crossings, European ministers of internal affairs have said.

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