Sean Goulding Carroll

Transport 26-10-2021

The world’s most valuable carmaker

In case it wasn’t clear already that the future of the automotive industry is electric, the latest news from the financial markets should dispel any doubt. Tesla, arguably the world’s preeminent electric vehicle company, is now valued at over $1 trillion.
Batteries 26-10-2021

Simona Bonafè MEP: Recovery of raw materials is cornerstone of EU battery law

The European Commission has proposed new standards which would make batteries produced and sold in Europe the greenest in the world. MEP Simona Bonafè spoke to EURACTIV about the EU's battery regulation and the future of battery production in Europe.
Batteries 21-10-2021

Brussels defends EU battery law against charges from car industry

The European Commission has brushed off industry criticism that the upcoming EU battery regulation could raise the cost of electric vehicles, arguing that prices will fall thanks to increased manufacturing capacity ushered in by EU policies.
Batteries 20-10-2021

EU aims to dethrone Asia as world’s battery powerhouse

Brussels plans to wrest the title of global electric vehicle battery leader from Asia by supercharging Europe’s battery production and imposing strict green criteria that will make European products the de facto global standard.
Transport 19-10-2021

The last flight (l’ultimo volo)

Alitalia took its final flight last week, a short journey from the island of Sardinia to Rome. It was a muted end to an airline that exemplified Italian style - with uniforms designed by Giorgio Armani no-less - before drowning in an economic quagmire (largely of its own making).
Transport 12-10-2021

Making Europeans

The European Commission has announced it will give 60,000 young people interrail passes - will free train travel across the continent foster a generation of committed Europeans?
Transport 06-10-2021

Over a coffee with Alberto Mazzola

In this Over a Coffee, Alberto Mazzola, Executive Director of the Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER), speaks about the industry’s emergence from the pandemic, efforts to promote train travel, the need for infrastructure upgrades to make rail more competitive, and what the future of train might look like.
Transport 05-10-2021

Europe’s net-zero flying pledge goes global

Could flying one day be as eco-friendly as taking the train? The airline industry thinks so. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) announced that global airlines will commit to achieving net zero flying by the middle of the century.
Batteries 05-10-2021

European battery law will set global standard for the car industry, EU says

Proposed EU legislation to ensure materials for batteries are sourced ethically and sustainably will push up global standards, making Europe a "trailblazer" in the field, the European Commission has said.
Aviation 01-10-2021

Greening measures will add around 8% to airline costs, EU estimates

Environmental regulations aimed at cutting the carbon footprint of aviation will increase the cost of flying by around 8% by 2050, according to the European Commission.
Biofuels 30-09-2021

EU Commission, industry clash over green jet fuel mandate

The European Commission has strongly denied accusations that its proposed mandate to support sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) will lead to higher greenhouse gas emissions by diverting waste-based biofuels from the road sector.
Shipping 29-09-2021

Lack of green maritime fuels makes liquid natural gas a necessity says Commission

Liquid natural gas (LNG) is a necessary transitional fuel to decarbonise EU maritime activities as the available quantities of zero, or low-carbon fuels are currently insufficient, the European Commission has said.
Transport 28-09-2021

A neighbour in need: petrol crisis rocks the UK

The United Kingdom’s fuel crisis, complete with scenes of panicked motorists queuing at petrol pumps, has led to an oversupply of Schadenfreude in much of the EU.
Transport 21-09-2021

Another battle in the “War on Cars” plays out in the streets

Moves to promote sustainable urban mobility are often seen as evidence of an assault on motorists' right to drive. But if there is a war against cars, events like car-free day may well see enlistment numbers swell.
Transport 14-09-2021

Automation takes to the skies

It’s a well-worn narrative - taxi drivers will soon see their numbers decimated by the rise of self-driving cars. But while cabbies may lament the rise of the robots, what about airline pilots?
Aviation 14-09-2021

Pilots alarmed over Airbus plans for single-pilot aircraft

Improvements in automation technology may soon eliminate the need for a co-pilot in commercial flights, a disruptive development that has already sparked criticism from pilots and cabin crew groups on safety grounds.
Transport 10-09-2021

A third of trucks surpass air pollution limits in real-world conditions, study finds

Almost one third of trucks driving on Spanish roads surpassed the EU's legal emission limits for NO2, a harmful air pollutant, a study commissioned by the clean mobility NGO Transport & Environment (T&E) has found.
Transport 07-09-2021

The cycling elite – coming for your cars?

Somehow bicycles, which are relatively cheap and cost virtually nothing to run, have come to symbolise an eco-conscious elite, while cars, which are expensive and cost a lot to run, are seen as the choice of the people.
Biofuels 01-09-2021

EU biofuel reform plan risks undermining waste-based fuels: industry

The European Commission's proposal to halt advanced biofuels from being double-counted towards road transport energy targets would diminish the use of waste-based fuels in favour of cheaper crop-based biofuels, a leading industry organisation has told EURACTIV.
Transport 31-08-2021

Putting a price on flight shame

Those who travelled by plane over the summer break doubtlessly found that the airport experience – testing at the best of times – had an added soupçon of complexity, as EU countries sought to shield themselves against the still rampant virus with a wall of bureaucracy.
Transport 31-08-2021

FlixBus denounces competition restrictions in Spain, Greece and Romania

German bus transport company FlixBus has renewed calls for countries including Spain, Greece, Hungary, and Romania to open their markets to competition from long-distance buses, arguing that doing so will lower prices for consumers and offer a greener option to traveling by car.
Aviation 30-07-2021

Critics wary of Ryanair scheme to ‘fully’ offset flight emissions

Irish budget airline Ryanair will soon roll out a new “carbon calculator” the company says will allow customers to fully offset their flight emissions – a claim that has been met with scepticism by climate campaigners.

EU drops ‘accounting trick’ to boost green fuel in road transport

The biofuels industry has welcomed the European Commission's proposal to end the statistical inflation of waste-based biofuels in the EU's road transport energy mix, a practice they say camouflaged the use of fossil fuels.
Transport 27-07-2021

Billionaires in space

For decades, those who dared venture beyond the realm of Earth held a romantic position in our minds – men and women that combined great knowledge with great courage. Today, however, the great mystery of space is commodified. We’re well on our way to space becoming a playground for billionaires. The final frontier is just another bucket list item for the rich.