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Electric vehicles 14-07-2021

EU signals end of internal combustion engine by 2035

Sales of new cars and vans that produce carbon emissions will be banned as of 2035, proposals tabled by the European Commission revealed on Wednesday (14 July), a move which all but guarantees that the era of the internal combustion engine (ICE) is drawing to a close in the EU.
Transport 13-07-2021

Limbering up for Fit for 55

For those in the orbit of the EU institutions – lobbyists, journalists, policy wonks, activists – the suspense is almost unbearable. Wednesday (14 July) will see the European Commission unveil the so-called “Fit for 55” package: more than a dozen pieces of legislation that aim to ensure the bloc reduces emissions by 55% by 2030 compared to 1990 levels.
Biofuels 13-07-2021

Narrow focus on electrifying vehicles will harm climate efforts, says fuels industry

Favouring electrification while ignoring low-carbon liquid fuels will hinder the bloc's efforts to decarbonise road transport, a prominent industry body has said ahead of the release of the EU's climate law package.

Europe’s ‘Fit for 55’ climate package: What to expect

On Wednesday (14 July), the European Commission is due to table a package of energy and climate laws aimed at reaching the EU's new, more ambitious climate goals. EURACTIV gives you the lowdown on the plan.

Advanced biofuels feedstock list should be enlarged to meet EU target: industry

The list of EU-approved sustainable fuel sources should be expanded to meet the higher targets for second-generation biofuels under the updated renewable energy directive, according to the advanced biofuels industry.
Transport 06-07-2021

Sky no longer the limit for aviation taxes

The European Commission is set to do the previously unthinkable – tax aviation jet fuel. Reversing a long-standing policy, the EU executive will apply an EU-wide minimum tax rate on fossil-based kerosene for flights travelling within the bloc.
Aviation 30-06-2021

Air passenger rights ‘not protected’ during pandemic, EU auditors say

European airline passenger rights, which include carriers' legal obligation to pay refunds for cancelled flights, have not been safeguarded during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to an EU report released on Tuesday (29 June).
Transport 29-06-2021

Auf Wiedersehen to the combustion engine

In less than 15 years, Volkswagen, one of the world’s largest car manufacturers, will stop selling internal combustion engine vehicles in Europe. There’s no doubt that the move is spurred partly by EU regulations, which have forced manufacturers to produce cleaner vehicles, often amid industry protest.
Biofuels 25-06-2021

Electrification push won’t green cars on the roads: fuel industry

EU policymakers’ focus on electric vehicles risks overlooking the need to decarbonise internal combustion engine (ICE) cars currently on EU roads, representatives from the European fuel and automotive industry have warned.
Biofuels 25-06-2021

EU green jet fuel mandate will carve out market for big players, industry warns

An EU mandate for the use of animal fats and used cooking oils in sustainable aviation fuel is set to enrich large biofuel players such as Total and Neste, at the expense of most of the industry, the European Waste-to-Advanced Biofuels Association (EWABA) has warned.
Health 23-06-2021

The Brief, powered by Martens Centre – Football in the time of COVID

The idea to have a continent-wide Euro 2020 was a romantic idea when it was first proposed in the salubrious days of 2012. But to plough ahead with it in 2021 – as national authorities are scrambling to prevent COVID variants from spreading – smacks of pig-headedness.
Transport 22-06-2021

Europe looks to recharge its automotive manufacturing supremacy

The shining jewel in the crown of European manufacturing is arguably the automotive sector. But while the continent is king of the internal combustion engine, it is not the leader in battery manufacturing. In fact, Europe lags behind China, Japan, and South Korea when it comes to electric battery output.
Aviation 21-06-2021

Parliament on collision course with EU member states over airspace reform

The European Parliament’s recently agreed position on reforming Europe's airspace backs a number of items rejected by EU countries, setting up a showdown between MEPs and member states over the Single European Sky initiative 2+ (SES).
Road charging 17-06-2021

EPP and Greens take aim at road charging agreement ‘loopholes’

A late-night deal reached by the Council of the EU and the European Parliament on road-charging rules on Wednesday (16 June) has been criticised by the parliament’s largest group, the European People’s Party (EPP), for having “more holes than a Swiss cheese”.
Transport 15-06-2021

Green on the outside only

The climate crisis and LGBTQ+ pride month have something in common – they’re both an opportunity for large companies to performatively demonstrate their values. But values that must contend with profits are fluid, more a river with divergent streams than an immovable mountain.
Batteries 11-06-2021

Brussels in balancing act to gain EU support for battery regulation

The European Commission’s proposed battery regulation was alternatively branded too ambitious or too restricting at a meeting of EU environment ministers Thursday (11 June), highlighting the gap between the 27 member states on the issue.
Aviation 10-06-2021

EU’s air traffic reform plan draws fire from airlines

Global airlines have criticised the European Union's recently agreed position on air traffic management reform, arguing it hampers much-needed improvements to Europe’s sclerotic air transport system.
Transport 08-06-2021

Chaos looms as travel resumption edges closer

It seems foolhardy to say it louder than a whisper, but there are reasons for optimism: slowly but surely, COVID - within the EU at least - is receding. Mass inoculation is having an effect and for many Europeans the tantalising prospect of cross-border travel is once again on the horizon.
Circular materials 07-06-2021

Car industry unconvinced by calls for mandatory recycled plastic target

Recycling organisations have urged Brussels lawmakers to make the use of recycled plastic mandatory in new vehicles, a move they say will help to bring cars in line with circular use principles. But car manufacturers are hesitant to back the proposal.
Transport 01-06-2021

Embattled aviation sector faces Belarus fallout

These are trying times for the aviation sector. The list of challenges facing the industry seems to grow weekly. But the most immediate challenge is the geopolitical tension caused by the Belarus incident, which continues to reverberate.
Aviation 31-05-2021

Emissions soar as airlines reroute to avoid Belarusian airspace

Detours taken by airlines to avoid entering Belarusian airspace following the forced landing of a Ryanair jet are responsible for around an extra 250,000 kg of CO2 emissions per day, air traffic management estimates show.
Biofuels 27-05-2021

Biofuel makers protest against EU’s green investment taxonomy rules

Biofuels made from food-and-feed crops do not meet the EU’s green taxonomy criteria, according to a European Commission proposal, a move biofuel makers said will hamstring Europe's ability to meet green transport goals.
Transport 25-05-2021

Unfriendly skies

The details are astonishing - an EU-flagged passenger plane travelling from Athens to Vilnius is told that a bomb is onboard whilst flying over Belarus, supposedly planted by the Palestinian militant group Hamas in revenge for EU support of Israel.
Aviation 20-05-2021

Urban air taxis will be a reality ‘within three to five years’, EU regulator says

Futuristic aircraft such as air taxis and ambulances will be in flight above European cities within three to five years according to the chief of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), bringing the science-fiction prospect of flying cars a step closer to reality.