Sean Goulding Carroll

Electric vehicles 23-05-2022

Toxic particles from brakes to be included in ‘Euro 7’ emission rules

Ultra-fine particles from brake pad abrasion will for the first time be covered under an EU regulation to curtail vehicles’ contribution to air pollution, a move aimed at reducing the high level of the toxic particles in urban areas.
Aviation 19-05-2022

MEPs aim to stick airlines with steeper carbon bill

Lawmakers in the European Parliament’s environment committee have voted to include all flights departing from Europe in the EU’s carbon market and to slash free allowances, a move that will force airlines to pay more to pollute. 
Transport 17-05-2022

Lobbyists create speed bumps for vehicle emission cuts

One question in light of the vote on CO2 standards for vehicles is the role that lobbying played. To say that our lawmakers were led by the nose seems cynical. But to believe that lobbying had no affect seems naive.
Transport 12-05-2022

Lawmakers back EU-wide ban on new fossil fuel cars from 2035, despite strong lobbying

Lawmakers in the European Parliament’s environment committee voted to uphold a proposed ban on the sale of polluting vehicles from 2035 but narrowly rejected proposals for stricter 2030 targets on cars and vans that would have made the transition smoother.
Transport 10-05-2022

Russia and the Great Plane Robbery

Since the imposition of sanctions, Russia has effectively stolen some 400 planes which were leased from abroad, a move considered the greatest theft of airplanes ever committed. The value of the stolen aircraft is valued at around $10 billion.
Transport 09-05-2022

Switch to EVs won’t solve ‘road dust’ pollution – in fact, it could make it worse

Electric vehicles are set to end tailpipe emissions, significantly improving air quality in urban areas. But particulate matter emitted from brakes and tyres will continue to pose health risks and could even increase after the EV revolution, studies show.
Transport 03-05-2022

Oil ban: EU seeks a refined solution to a crude problem

After weeks of speculation, the news from Brussels is that sanctions on Russian oil will be finalised today and put to member states tomorrow.

100 European cities selected for goal of climate neutrality by 2030

One hundred European cities have been selected to participate in an EU programme to rapidly cut emissions in urban areas, with the goal of reaching climate neutrality by 2030.
Aviation 29-04-2022

Climate impact of flying could be two thirds higher than thought

The EU's proposed green aviation law overlooks the true climate cost of flying, with the non-CO2 effects of air travel producing two to four times the impact of carbon emissions, a Greens MEP has said.
Transport 26-04-2022

Will a Russian oil ban resurrect the 1970s?

Speculation is rife of an imminent announcement of fresh sanctions targeting Russian oil. But telling citizens to drive less and consume less energy is as likely to be unpopular today as it was 50 years ago.
Biofuels 21-04-2022

Princeton academics accuse EU biofuels policy of harming climate aims

The EU’s promotion of biofuels as a renewable energy source is undermining the bloc’s climate goals, a new study by Princeton University academics and CIRAD, a French agricultural research body, has found.
Transport 19-04-2022

Unmasking the USA

US authorities have ended the national requirement to wear a face mask on public transport, including planes, trains, taxis, and buses, following a ruling by a Florida judge that the Biden administration’s mandate was unlawful.
Biofuels 14-04-2022

MEPs push European Commission to reveal used cooking oil origins

Greens EU lawmakers have sent a formal letter requesting that the European Commission provide data on the origins and quantities of used cooking oil (UCO) imported into the bloc, putting further pressure on the EU executive to allay fraud concerns surrounding UCO imports.
Transport 12-04-2022

EU loses taste for caviar but maintains appetite for oil

As fresh horrors in Bucha and Mariupol come to light, pressure to impose further sanctions is mounting. However, EU countries are far from united on the issue of Russian oil.
Biofuels 08-04-2022

Biofuels’ impact on food security debate resurfaces amid Ukraine war

The war in Ukraine has reignited the “food vs fuel” argument surrounding crop-based biofuels, with allegations that the EU’s demand for ethanol and biodiesel exacerbates food security concerns. The biofuels industry has branded the claims “ridiculous”.
Railways 07-04-2022

EU invites young people to apply for free interrail passes

The European Commission has opened applications for free DiscoverEU passes, which will allow 70,000 18-year-olds to explore Europe by train.
Transport 05-04-2022

Travel freedom vs climate breakdown

The chief recommendation in the IPCC report on climate breakdown is the most difficult to implement – reducing demand. Essentially, this means calling on people to travel less.
Transport 29-03-2022

Catch-22: The EU’s Russian oil dilemma

Last week’s European Council likely came as something of a relief to the Kremlin. EU leaders chose not to end the bloc’s reliance on Russian-imported fossil fuels, instead opting to “close loopholes” in existing sanctions.
Automated vehicles 28-03-2022

Autonomous vehicles will end road deaths in Europe, says Slovenian minister

The rollout of autonomous vehicles has the potential to reduce traffic by 90% and bring road deaths to zero, but serious technological hurdles remain, Mark Boris Andrijanic, Slovenia's minister for digital transformation, has said.
Aviation 25-03-2022

First clean jets will be ready for commercial flight by 2035, industry says

Carbon-emission free aircraft – either electric or hydrogen-powered – will be developed within six years, with the first jets commercially carrying passengers "from 2035 onwards," industry experts have forecast.
Transport 22-03-2022

‘When you ride alone, you ride with Putin!’

Governments encouraging ordinary citizens to adopt behavioural change, such as driving less, in extraordinary times is nothing new. But the degree to which demands for change are accepted depends on a myriad of factors – even cultural factors.
Biofuels 18-03-2022

MEP proposes fewer restrictions on biofuels to meet higher renewables target

The amount of bioenergy in the EU's transport sector will increase under plans put forward by the lawmaker leading the European Parliament's position on the EU’s renewable energy law, a scenario likely to rankle green legislators.
Transport 15-03-2022

Can electric vehicles help defund the Russian war machine?

With the realisation that conventionally fuelled vehicles are propping up the Russian war machine, the shift to electric vehicles has gained a powerful geopolitical selling point.
Transport 08-03-2022

The cost of war is being felt at the petrol pump

It seems vulgar to talk economics given the brutal reality of war being waged in the eastern part of this continent, but rising fuel prices have major consequences for Europe.