Sébastien Maillard

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Future EU 22-12-2021

Why the French Presidency’s insistence on European ‘Belonging’ matters

'Belonging' (Appartenance in French) is the last of the three keywords announced as the motto of the upcoming French EU Council Presidency, along with recovery (relance) and strength (puissance). Why such an emphasis on a notion no government can buy and no parliament can pass legislation on?
Economy & Jobs 26-05-2020

How the EU can emerge from coronavirus stronger – and greener

When the EU re-emerges from this crisis, what will it look like? Will it be stronger and more adept at responding to future crises like climate change? Or will it be weaker, unable to address the concerns of Europeans and in danger of breaking apart? A lot depends on what happens this Wednesday, writes a group of authors from the Jacques Delors Institute.