Sidita Kushi

Europe's East 11-04-2022

Double standards abound, but only Russia is to blame for its imperialist war in Ukraine

The West is guilty of double standards regarding its attitude toward Russia and Ukrainian refugees, but this should make us more opposed to Russian imperialism and its destructive aftermath, argues Sidita Kushi.
Europe's East 01-03-2022

Don’t compare Russia’s war to NATO in Kosovo

As Russia wages an unprovoked war of aggression against Ukraine, comparisons between Ukraine's plight and NATO’s Balkan interventions of the 1990s have resurfaced. But whatever the Ukrainian crisis is, it is not Kosovo, writes Sidita Kushi.
Enlargement 28-09-2021

‘Both Sides’: The West’s equalisation of blame enables Balkan aggression

The EU's policy of equalising blame in the Western Balkans has fuelled Serbian aggression against Kosovo, writes Sidita Kushi.