Stefano Mallia

Fit for 55: A stepping stone or a stumbling block?

The path towards the digital and green transitions must be carefully charted and all legislation proposals within the Fit for 55 framework undergo a thorough competitiveness check to retain public and business support, argues Stefano Mallia.
Future EU 14-12-2021

The Conference on the Future of Europe cannot fail

The Conference on the Future of Europe has made an uncertain start, but it cannot be allowed to fail. Stefano Mallia writes that the window of opportunity to engage with citizens could close quickly.
Competition 20-09-2021

Defending Europe starts with defending and strengthening European competitiveness

As EU leaders looks towards economy recovery in the wake of the pandemic, they need to give businesses the environment needed to thrive, writes Stefano Mallia.
Economy & Jobs 16-12-2020

EU companies ready to take on twin green, digital transitions

EU employers are ready to switch gear and accelerate the roll-out of the green and digital transitions, writes Stefano Mallia.