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EU approves strengthened civil protection mechanism

EU member states on Monday (10 May) approved a strengthened EU Civil Protection Mechanism, with new rules to better prepare for emergencies like forest fires, and more resources allowing a faster response to new threats such as pandemics.
EU-China 03-05-2021

Juncker: EU has to be ‘less naive’ with China

Former European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker believes the European Union has to be "less naive" with China, saying that "Europeans have to organise their relations" better with other foreign powers.

EU Parliament approves reform of civil protection mechanism

The European Parliament approved on Tuesday (27 April) a strengthened legal framework for the EU Civil Protection Mechanism to ensure that the EU is better prepared "to respond to future large-scale emergencies".
Energy 23-04-2021

New European Bauhaus ‘crucially important’ for EU climate goals

Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa has said that the European initiative called the New European Bauhaus was of crucial importance to ensure that the bloc achieved its climate goals.

EU adopts €5billion fund to train and equip foreign military forces

Despite criticism from European lawmakers and advocacy groups, the EU adopted the €5 billion worth French-brokered European Peace Facility (EPF) on Monday (22 March), which will open the door for the bloc to deliver military aid to partner countries and...

Portugal to meet with Frontex to ensure ‘European law’ is respected

Portugal will organise a meeting with the board of directors and the executive director of Frontex to ensure "European law" and "established rules" are respected, Eduardo Cabrita, Portugal's minister for internal administration, said on Thursday (4 February).

Minister: Detachment from NATO would widen divisions in the EU

Any attempt to distance the European Union from NATO would only deepen the divisions among EU member states, Portugal's defence minister, João Gomes Cravinho, has said, arguing instead that the mechanisms of cooperation between the two partners should be improved.

EU security, defence missions in Africa do not translate into ‘real political influence’, says minister

The financial efforts and missions of the EU's Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) in Africa do not translate into "real political influence", Portugal's defence minister, João Gomes Cravinho, argued on Thursday (28 January).

Portugal tries to overcome ‘Conference on the Future of Europe’ deadlock

European institutions must find a “rapid and pragmatic solution” to overcome the “deadlock” which is preventing the Conference on the Future of Europe from being held, Portuguese State Secretary for European Affairs, Ana Paula Zacarias, told a press conference on...

Vaccination certificate ‘is a medical requirement’, says Von der Leyen

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen on Thursday (14 January) welcomed the Greek government's initiative allowing for vaccinated people to travel freely, and called for a mutually recognised vaccination certificate across European Union countries.
Outer space 14-01-2021

Space a ‘critical resource’ for green and digital transitions, Portuguese minister says

Portugal's minister for science, technology and higher education, Manuel Heitor, on Wednesday (14 January) described space as a "critical resource" in the EU green and digital transition and in promoting "a new future for Europeans".

UN refugee agency urges Portugal to show leadership on migration issue

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) asked Portugal on Tuesday to “show leadership” on the issue of migration during its presidency of the EU Council and “better protect refugees in Europe”. In a document entitled “UNHCR Recommendations for...