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Economy & Jobs 09-06-2022

MFF: Multiannual Financial (in)Flexibility

Welcome to EURACTIV’s weekly Economy Brief. You can subscribe to the newsletter here. Many forget the deal still often hailed as ‘historic’ reached in the midst of the pandemic was not only about joint borrowing to the tune of €750...

‘Climatic chaos’: activists furious as Brussels approves Iberian energy mechanism

The European Commission approved on Wednesday an €8.4 billion Spanish and Portuguese scheme aimed at reducing the wholesale electricity prices in the Iberian market by lowering the input costs of gas-fired power stations.

Poland won’t tax state-owned energy company windfall profits

Polish state-owned energy companies have the obligation to protect the country’s energy security so burdening them with an additional tax on extra profits from high fuel prices is unnecessary, the Climate Minister Anna Moskwa has said.
Europe's East 29-05-2022

EU candidate status could be an ‘existential’ message to Tbilisi, Georgian ambassador says

Gaining EU candidate status would be a crucial and existential political message that today the door is open for Georgia, and there is light at the end of the tunnel, Tbilisi's Ambassador to the EU Vakhtang Makharoblishvili told EURACTIV.
Economy & Jobs 10-05-2022

Deliberative democracy experiment calls for Brussels involvement in education policy

As the Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE) ends and 49 proposals were presented to EU leadership, amongst them is the idea that Brussels gets involved in education policy, at a minimum in civics education.
Global Europe 06-05-2022

Medvedev hails Orbán’s opposition to EU oil, religious figures sanctions

Former Russian President and current Deputy Chairman of Russia's Security Council Dmitry Medvedev praised Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban's opposition to the proposed EU embargo of oil and sanctions targeting the leader of the Russian church.

Russia’s sixth sanction package opens EU’s Pandora’s Box

Budapest and Bratislava are unhappy with the European Commission’s proposal to ban Russian black gold despite being given extra time to phase it out, while Sofia and Prague have jumped on the bandwagon and are now asking for special treatment. ...

The fossil fuel companies profiting from Europe’s oil trade with Russia

As the European Union is preparing a full-scale embargo on Russian oil imports, EURACTIV takes a closer look at some of the companies that have so far profited from the trade within the bloc.
Europe's East 04-05-2022

Commission pitches post-war recovery plan for Ukraine

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen on Wednesday (4 May) made a pitch for a post-war recovery package for Ukraine to help it rebuild after the war Russia is waging on its neighbour ends.

MEPs blast French presidency for skipping EU debate on Hungary and Poland

European lawmakers across the political spectrum lashed out on Tuesday (3 May) at the French delegation heading the EU Council for not showing up at a long-delayed debate on the procedure against Hungary and Poland for their alleged breach of EU values. 
Europe's East 03-05-2022

Hungary shrugs off Ukrainian allegations it was warned of the war by Kremlin

Hungary dismissed as "fake news" allegations made by a high-level Ukrainian official that Budapest had been warned by Russian President Vladimir Putin of his intention to invade Ukraine and was even planning to annex part of its neighbour's territory.
Cities & regions 29-04-2022

European mayors eye long-term partnerships with counterparts to rebuild Ukraine

Leaders of European cities and towns are moving to support Ukrainian local and regional  authorities through peer to peer schemes as sub-national leaders look to rebuild the war-torn country.
Politics 27-04-2022

Hungary: Commission officially launches procedure linking bloc funds to rule of law

The European Commission has started the procedure against Hungary because of long-standing concerns over persistent misuse of EU funds in the country, the institution announced on Wednesday (27 April).
Non-discrimination 14-04-2022

Faced with discrimination, Ukrainian Roma refugees are going home

After facing discrimination and being denied humanitarian aid in Hungary, many Roma refugees fleeing Ukraine head back to their war-torn country to reunite with their families, despite the risks, activists say.

Hungary rushes to reassure investors as rule of law sanctions loom

The Hungarian finance ministry sought to reassure investors on Friday (8 April) that the European Commission's move to launch a disciplinary procedure that could freeze funding for the country because of its perceived rule of law deficiencies would not result in Budapest losing out on EU money.
Europe's East 08-04-2022

EU funds to help Ukraine refugees are insufficient, frontline countries warn

Frontline EU countries receiving Ukrainian refugees are warning that the bloc's current approach of loosening rules that govern structural fund spending in order to finance the influx of those fleeing the war will be insufficient in the long run.
Politics 05-04-2022

Commission to trigger mechanism that could see Hungary lose EU funds

The European Commission announced on Tuesday (5 April) that it will trigger a conditionality mechanism linking EU funds to the rule of law, just days after Hungary's general election saw Prime Minister Viktor Orban secure a fourth consecutive term.
Central Asia 05-04-2022

Meaningful investigation of Kazakhstan’s January unrest is ‘key’, EU says

Meaningful investigations into January's unrest and genuine follow up on announced reforms will be crucial for Kazakhstan, EU representatives, and academics agreed at a recent EURACTIV event, though scholars remain sceptical about the authorities' resolve.
Politics 04-04-2022

Hungarian vote ‘marred by absence of level playing field’, elections watchdog says

An international watchdog has released a report on Hungary's general election and referendum, citing multiple issues in the electoral process.
Elections 04-04-2022

Orbán gloats at Brussels following supermajority electoral win

Despite polling and analyst predictions, incumbent Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and his ruling Fidesz party were able to preserve the two-thirds majority they have held in the Hungarian legislative since 2010.

Hungarians abroad forced to make tough choices to vote

The system dividing Hungarians abroad along residency lines leaves many dissatisfied and under-represented but has drawn little interest from either the opposition or the ruling party in the run-up to a crucial national election on Sunday (3 April).

Hungary’s troubled election: Biggest challenge for Orbán since 2010

Hungary's united opposition sees the national election on Sunday (3 April) as the first real chance in more than a decade to oust Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's well-entrenched Fidesz party, although many fear the elections will be far from fair.
Eastern Europe 25-03-2022

Protect Western Balkans from Putin, EU leaders tell Biden

The Western Balkans, though not officially on the agenda of the three summits in Brussels on 24-25 March, turned out to be the background tune of the high-level meetings as some EU leaders used their time with visiting US President Joe Biden to insist on the region's importance.
Enlargement 25-03-2022

Bosnia’s election law unexpectedly on the table at European leaders’ meeting

Zagreb used the political momentum in Brussels to push for the interests of Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) at EU summit on Thursday (25 March).