Zoran Radosavljevic with Alexandra Brzozowski

Commission refers Poland to top EU court over treatment of judiciary

The European Commission referred Poland to the EU's Court of Justice on Thursday (10 (October) in order to "protect judges from political control" enforced by Poland's ruling conservative PiS party.
Politics 15-07-2019

The Brief, powered by BP – Ursula’s wheel of fortune

When the crunch time comes in Strasbourg tomorrow (16 July), what exactly will be the key factor in deciding Ursula von der Leyen's fate? Other than the fact that voting is secret and each MEP is free to do whatever they want.
EU Elections 2019 14-05-2019

The Brief, powered by ifaw – Game of Thrones

During last week’s ‘Future of Europe’ summit, the figures on the chessboard moved again and the stage has been largely set for the new edition of the EU’s own Game of Thrones. **no spoilers ahead** Starting on 23 May, Europe takes...
Enlargement 29-04-2019

The Brief – An afternoon in Berlin

Today is one of those days when it’s nice to step outside the EU bubble, leave behind the whole election spiel and walk into the cool shade of the Western Balkans, where things unfold at a more leisurely pace.
Enlargement 26-02-2019

The Brief – Mapping out the Balkans?

Ever since the UN Security Council placed Kosovo under international administration, paving the way for its independence in 2008, some seasoned Western reporters roaming the Balkans were heard commenting: “This is not the end. It will have to end up with a land swap (between Kosovo and Serbia)”.
EU Elections 2019 17-01-2019

The Brief – Look who’s back…

The old king of political vulgarity, the proto-Trump, is back. The news of the day is that Silvio Berlusconi will be running for a seat in the European Parliament, reviving his political career after a ban imposed over a tax fraud conviction expired.
Politics 13-12-2018

The Brief – Games without frontiers

Contrary to what we may believe, European political parties are no different than the ones we have at home. They are just as prone to tactical games, diversions, manipulation and pointing the finger at someone else.
EURoad2Sibiu 11-12-2018

The Brief – Tangled up in blue

Another summit is upon us this week, and it's Brexit time again. Another summit wasted on squaring the circle of the UK's indecisiveness. Cynics might say that surely, EU leaders could put their time to better use.
Politics 15-11-2018

The Brief, powered by EUSALT – Beware the Ides of March

Pessimists in the EU say the Brexit saga couldn't get any messier. Optimists say: yes, it can.
Global Europe 12-11-2018

The Brief, powered by EUSALT- Beggars Banquet

Imagine if world leaders travelled back in time, about a hundred years. Imagine Merkel’s Germany waging a war against Macron’s France, with thousands dying in muddy trenches across Europe daily. Not easy, right?  Europe has come a long way since...
Politics 28-09-2018

The Brief, powered by AmCham EU – Spare a thought for (Northern) Macedonia

Away from the limelight of Europe's political arena, the fate of a country is being decided this weekend. If it sounds dramatic, it's because it is.
Politics 13-09-2018

The Brief – Macedonian distraction in Strasbourg

For once, the Balkans provided a source of content, and a welcome distraction, for the weary MEPs in Strasbourg when Macedonia’s prime minister rocked up to the hemicycle.
Global Europe 29-05-2018

The Brief, powered by 2025AD – Fortress Europe… Revisited

Not all is well in the best of all possible worlds. Even less so in Europe 2018, which is increasingly trying to fend off the spectre of the not-too-distant refugee crisis.
Global Europe 08-05-2018

The Brief: Waiting on a friend

Barely a week after the last-minute drama of will-he-won't-he scrap the tariffs on steel, the EU is once again waiting with bated breath to see whether Donald Trump will dial up tensions in the uneasy transatlantic relationship.
Elections 04-05-2018

Trans-Europe Express – Sowing the seeds of discord

Almost certainly to the displeasure of mainstream Brussels, leaders of Europe's far-right parties came together on the French Riviera this week, saying they wanted to devise a battle plan for next year's European election.
Future EU 02-05-2018

The Brief – Money, money, money…

For those who have lived under a rock for the past week and haven't heard: ABBA are reuniting. Scandinavia's biggest pop sensation has recorded two new songs - their first new material in 35 years - and are launching a hologram tour(!).
Global Europe 16-04-2018

The Brief – What will we do without the dirty Brits?

The EU's much-touted common defence and security policy was nowhere to be seen in the past week, just when the world came dangerously close to the verge of a US-Russia conflict over Syria.
Politics 13-04-2018

Trans-Europe Express – Visegrad’s Hungarian Rhapsody

Viktor Orban's landslide victory last weekend is not good news for the EU. But it may also turn out to be a mixed blessing for the Visegrad group of Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.
Languages & Culture 21-03-2018

Le Brief – Roll up, roll up… for free French classes

French used to be the recognised language of international diplomacy even though the British Empire was much larger and more dominant. French held out, more or less, until after World War Two, when the global geopolitical balance shifted and the US took over, helped by Hollywood and rock 'n' roll.