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Croatian oil firm says no shortages expected, no Russian oil needed

Croatia’s oil and gas company INA, co-owned by the Croatian state and the Hungarian energy group MOL, denied media reports that the country is heading for petrol shortages due to the international sanctions against Russia. A number of local media...

Croatia eyes major upgrade of Adriatic LNG terminal, PM says

Croatia plans to upgrade the capacity of its floating Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) terminal from the current 2.9 billion cubic metres per year to 6.1 bcm, Prime Minister Andrej Plenković announced at Three Seas Initiative in Riga on Monday. “This...

Serbia eyes interconnector to bring Russian oil from Hungary

Serbia would be interested in building an interconnector with neighbouring Hungary because its northern neighbour gets its oil from Russia via the Druzhba pipeline, which is not under Western sanctions, Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić said on Wednesday. Read also: EU sanctions...
Global Europe 13-06-2022

In Brussels, Bosnian leaders pledge commitment to Europe, democracy and stability

The leaders of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s 9BiH) political parties and members of the presidency met in Brussels on Sunday (12 June) to adopt an agreement pledging commitment to preserving a peaceful, stable, and independent state and adhering to EU values.

Sunken Adriatic platform leaks gas, Greenpeace Croatia warns

A gas rig that sank in the northern Adriatic in 2020 may be leaking gas, possibly methane, Greenpeace Croatia warned over the weekend. The 65.5-metre high Ivana D, an automated gas platform located about 50 kilometres from the Croatian mainland,...

Croatia moves to boost own energy production, says minister

Croatia currently meets only 21% of its energy needs and is moving towards increasing its own production capacities, Energy Minister Davor Filipović told state broadcaster HRT on Tuesday. Croatia has decided to start filling its only underground gas storage, Okoli in...

Croatia could become Central Europe’s energy hub, says PM

Croatia could become an “energy hub in the northern Adriatic” as Europe seeks to wean itself off Russian energy, Prime Minister Andrej Plenković said during a visit to Cyprus on Wednesday. Croatia’s floating liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal on the...
Economy & Jobs 26-11-2020

Poland, Hungary propose two-track way out of EU budget deadlock

Poland and Hungary reaffirmed on Thursday (26 October) their opposition to tying EU finds with the rule of law in member states and instead offered their own proposal for breaking the deadlock that is holding back the EU's €1.81 trillion seven-year budget and the recovery fund.
Non-discrimination 13-11-2020

Terrorism and Muslim communities: Europe’s ‘right’ battle

In recent weeks, violent terrorist attacks have shocked France and Vienna, after cartoons of Prophet Mohammed were published by French satiric publication Charlie Hebdo to mark the start of the trial for the 2016 terrorist attacks in Paris.
Brexit 31-01-2020

A nation divided: What UK celebrities said about Brexit

The United Kingdom's departure from the European Union has been a highly divisive and emotional issue from the very start, and the rhetoric around it rarely failed to impress. EURACTIV has prepared a list of remarkable Brexit quotes from celebrities in showbiz and sports.
Future EU 30-01-2020

The Brief – Could the EU follow the fate of Yugoslavia?

For all of us who lived through the collapse of Yugoslavia, the moment when the Slovenian delegation walked out on a 1990 Communist Party congress in Belgrade stayed ingrained in our collective consciousness. The emotional scenes witnessed in the European Parliament on Wednesday brought back those memories.
Elections 27-01-2020

Slovenia’s PM resigns, early elections loom

Slovenian Prime Minister Marjan Šarec stepped down on Monday (27 January) and suggested calling early elections, saying his minority five-party government was unable to pass important legislation through a parliament it did not control.
Competition 22-01-2020

LEAK: EU must step up Single Market enforcement, states tell Commission

The European Union must step up the application and enforcement of Single Market law or risk losing ‘credibility and effectiveness’, according to a leaked paper to the EU executive signed by 14 member states.
Future EU 13-12-2019

The Brief, powered by BP – Welcome to uncharted territory

It is not often that we knowingly witness history in the making before our own eyes, but today we've had one of those moments.
Brexit 13-12-2019

EU leaders congratulate Johnson but warn of more hard work ahead

EU leaders put on a brave face on Friday (13 December) and congratulated Boris Johson on his resounding victory in the UK elections, which means he will take the country out of the EU next month after three years of Brexit frustrations.
Enlargement 24-10-2019

The Brief – Balkanic optimism

The rollercoaster that is the Western Balkans is (almost) as unpredictable as the Brexit saga. Last week, the region's prospects appeared in the doldrums and there was little chance of a reversal of fortunes soon. Take a step back though and there is hope to be had.
Politics 30-09-2019

The Brief, powered by ACCA – The Balkans’ moment of truth

The complexity of the Balkans and its European path needs no special introduction, yet it never ceases to surprise. The German Bundestag gave its green light last Friday for North Macedonia and Albania to open EU accession talks, but the story doesn't end there.
Future EU 26-09-2019

The Brief, powered by EDAA – Will there be more victims?

MEPs are ready to go on a Commissioner hunt, as next week’s hearings loom large. But amid the calls for heads to roll and retribution to be dealt, there are reasons for some of von der Leyen’s chosen few not to fear the Parliament boogeymen. 

The Brief – Washing away the guilt

The largely unconventional and disputed 1907 experiment by US physicist Duncan MacDougall postulated that the human soul weighs 21 grams, no more, no less. The valiant doctor measured the body weight of dying humans just before and after their passing and concluded that the soul does have exact physical weight.
EU Elections 2019 28-06-2019

The Brief – The EPP’s Hobson’s choice

The clock is ticking on agreeing on the new European Commission president and the once almighty European People’s Party is having some tough choices to make in the next couple of days. The Mexican standoff between France and Germany, amplified...
EU Elections 2019 21-06-2019

EU summit ends with no deal on top jobs, some progress on climate

EU leaders wrapped up a two-day summit on a low note on Friday (21 June), having failed to agree on the distribution of the EU's top jobs for the next five years.
EU Elections 2019 27-05-2019

#EUelections2019: Winners and Losers

As EU leaders prepare for what is likely to be a protracted period of negotiating a majority in the fragmented new European Parliament,  EURACTIV looks at the winners and losers of the European elections held in the 28 member states.
EU Elections 2019 27-05-2019

Pro-EU parties keep populist rise in check as tough coalition talks begin

The conservative European People's Party once again won the most seats in the European Parliament after EU elections on Sunday (26 May) but will face difficulties building a controlling majority as the Greens, the Liberals and the far-right posted big gains, reflecting growing political polarisation in the 28-country bloc.
EU Elections 2019 29-04-2019

First Spitzenkandidaten debate falls flat

Five candidates vying to become the next European Commission president sparred and bantered in the first European election debate, which fell flat in the absence of Manfred Weber, candidate of the largest political group.