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Politics 20-04-2021

Josep Borrell deletes tweet about waiving vaccines’ patents

The EU’s top diplomat, Josep Borrell, has deleted a post he made on Twitter regarding the need to waive intellectual rights for vaccines. In the tweet, Borrell quoted US economist Joseph Stiglitz as saying, “at one point, scaling up vaccination...
Politics 15-04-2021

EU sources: Europe could see regular vaccinations until 2023

Vaccinating Europe is not a problem to be solved in six months, but is an ongoing process that will likely last until 2023, EU sources have told EURACTIV. Though the pandemic will not remain in its current acute phase, the...
Politics 12-04-2021

Sign EastMed pipeline deal Mr Draghi!

Technocrat Italian PM Mario Draghi said what politicians could not: he called Erdogan a dictator. Strong words do not change policies, however. Amid growing tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean, Nicosia, Athens and Tel Aviv signed the EastMed pipeline deal, which...
Politics 31-03-2021

Which EU countries lag behind on ‘decent work’?

The European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC), which represents workers and their trade unions at the European level, has published a survey about the progress EU member states have made regarding “decent work”. The results are not surprising. See more here....
Politics 29-03-2021

Nine member states call to protect European film festivals

In a joint letter obtained by EURACTIV, culture ministers from the Czech Republic, Estonia, Cyprus, Latvia, Poland, Malta, Slovakia and Slovenia have made an appeal to the European Commission about the financing of individual film festivals. According to the letter,...
Politics 25-03-2021

Few signs that EU health passports can be ready before July

Diplomatic sources have told EURACTIV that “realistically” one should not expect the EU Green Pass, a health certificate aimed to facilitate travel across the bloc, to be implemented before July. The main reason is that technically, the project faces a...
Politics 17-03-2021

Greek centre-right MEP heats up debate over abortions

New Democracy MEP (EPP) Stelios Kympouropoulos has triggered a wave of reactions after he voted against abortion in a European Parliament resolution. He voted for an amendment saying, “every human being has the inherent right to life and that the...
Politics 16-03-2021

‘Possible’ for EU drug agency to approve Sputnik

EU sources told that it is “possible” for the European Medicines Agency (EMA) to approve Russia’s Sputnik vaccine. “Negotiations could start if at least four member states ask so,” the sources added. The same sources explained, though, that with...

Portugal convenes EU ‘recovery summit’ in June

Portugal will hold a high-level summit in Lisbon on 21 June focused on the recovery plans of the 27 EU member states, defending "smart fiscal policies" in response to the economic crisis triggered by the pandemic.

EXCLUSIVE: Brussels ties with fossil fuel industry revealed 

Three top officials in Ursula von der Leyen's green-oriented European Commission – Josep  Borrell, Stella Kyriakides and Adina Vălean – have until recently had ties with the fossil fuel industry, according to new research revealed exclusively by EURACTIV. 

Member states should create ‘synergies’ between recovery plans, Horizon Europe R&I programme – minister

Portugal’s science, technology and higher education minister on Wednesday highlighted the need to prioritise the relationship between science and employment, open collaborative research and career development in the areas of innovation and research. Manuel Heitor, speaking at a videoconference on...
Politics 21-01-2021

European political groups ask Portugal to focus on recovery, jobs

Leaders of the main political families in the European Parliament on Wednesday asked Portugal to focus on economic recovery and job creation in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, welcoming its declared presidency focus on developing the EU’s Pillar of...

Need to prioritise dossiers due to COVID

The lockdown decreed by Portugal and the various coronavirus restrictions across EU member states reinforce the scenario of a virtual presidency and will force Portugal to prioritise dossiers, officials say. “I think it is definitely more difficult, if not virtually...

Trip to Lisbon ‘essential’, says von der Leyen

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said she believes that a delegation from the EU executive to Lisbon is “essential and necessary” for the start of the Portuguese EU presidency while ensuring “every precaution” due to COVID-19. “As far...
Global Europe 17-12-2020

Borrell: Trump has awakened us from strategic sleepwalking

The arrival of US President Donald Trump in 2016 has "awakened" the EU and made it realise it was too dependent on Washington, prompting a trend of boosting Europe's autonomy, the EU's chief diplomat, Josep Borrell, told EURACTIV's media partner EFE in an interview.
Coronavirus 17-12-2020

Vaccine logistics: the tough part is just beginning

The European Medicine’s Agency is expected to approve Pfizer’s vaccine at an extraordinary meeting on 21 December and then, within three days, the European Commission is set to give its final green light. As for the vaccination process, in practice, everything depends on the readiness of EU countries, especially when it comes to logistics.
Politics 26-11-2020

Sassoli ‘irritated’ about French Strasbourg pressure

The European Parliament President David Sassoli expressed “astonishment and irritation” at France on Wednesday for publicly demanding that the EU’s legislature return to its official seat in Strasbourg. It is the latest stage in a standoff between Brussels and Paris...
Politics 13-11-2020

Call for better EU crisis management

In a non-paper seen by EURACTIV, the Netherlands, together with Sweden and Romania, is calling for “enhanced coordination and communication” between member states in times of crisis. The push comes as the EU has struggled to respond to the initial...
Politics 12-11-2020

Brussels bureaucracy unlocks, opens Pandora’s Box

The European Parliament’s legal services gave the greenlight to the legal affairs committee to convene and assess some member states’ requests to lift the immunity of several MEPs. The legal affairs committee deals with sensitive issues and therefore physical presence...
Politics 11-11-2020

A tacit gentlemen’s agreement to protect EU borders?

The European Ombudsman’s Office said on Tuesday it would open an inquiry into the possible failure of the European Commission to ensure that Croatian authorities respected fundamental rights while conducting EU-funded border operations against migrants and refugees. It seems there is...
Politics 04-11-2020

EU diplomats running US election scenarios

No clear winner emerged in the US presidential election as of Tuesday night (Wednesday morning in Europe) as incumbent President Donald Trump and Democratic contender Joe Biden each secured several important states in early results. At the same time, and...
Politics 30-10-2020

How can we elect such MEPs?

Croatian MEP Mislav Kolakušić has sent a letter to his colleagues in the European Parliament complaining about the closure of the EU House due to the new COVID-19 outbreak. For him, COVID-19 is just a cold while personally, he has...
Politics 29-10-2020

Speak to the Commission, save Europe

EURACTIV has been reporting that EU member states do not share critical information with the EU regarding their needs to fight against COVID-19. This prevents the EU executive from having an overall picture of what the needs are, e.g. intensive...
Politics 23-10-2020

Convicted to jail MEP to continue getting paid

A Greek court sentenced on Thursday the “directors” of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party to up to 13.5 years in prison for “running a criminal organisation”. Most of them have already surrendered but the case of MEP Ioannis Lagos seems...