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Politics 17-09-2021

Spain’s energy prices continue to hit record highs despite government intervention

The seemingly unstoppable surge of wholesale energy prices in Spain continued on Thursday with a new record of €188.18 per megawatt-hour, a rise of 22% this week, despite government efforts to bring down costs amid public outcry, EURACTIV’s partner EFE...
Politics 17-09-2021

Unprecedented racism incident puts Greek PM to the test

A lawmaker from the ruling conservative New Democracy party (EPP) has caused turmoil in Greek politics after he re-tweeted an article that made public a list with names of “foreign” underage children in a kindergarten. The article’s aim was to...
Politics 17-09-2021

Italy gets closer to referendum decriminalising cannabis

A referendum aiming to decriminalise growing and consuming cannabis in Italy has been signed by more than 420,000 people in just four days. At the current pace, it is set to reach the 500,000 signatures it needs to be considered valid much...
Politics 16-09-2021

Italy ready to pick a fight with Croatia over ‘Prošek’

Rome is ready to raise its objections to Croatia’s request to get EU protection for its Prošek, a sweet dessert wine produced in Dalmatia, whose name is similar to that of Italy’s famous sparkling wine, prosecco, the agriculture minister has...
Politics 16-09-2021

Italy to make COVID-19 certificates mandatory for both public and private sector workers

“The vaccine is the only weapon we currently have against COVID, and we can only contain the infection by vaccinating a large majority of the population”, Regional Affairs Minister Mariastella Gelmini said. No other European country has made a health...
Future EU 16-09-2021

Portuguese MEPs critical of von der Leyen’s state of the union speech

Portuguese MEPs were sharply divided in their appreciation of the state of the Union speech presented on Wednesday by the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen in the European Parliament. EURACTIV's partner Lusa reports.
Politics 15-09-2021

Portugal: More than 50% would vote for Merkel as EU president

A survey by the European Council on Foreign Relations shows that the Portuguese are among the top three European peoples who would choose outgoing German Chancellor Angela Merkel for the position of “president” of Europe. The European Council on Foreign...
Politics 15-09-2021

Italians faced with 40% hike in electricity bills

Ecological transition Minister Roberto Cingolani warned Italians that they should brace for a 40% increase in their electricity and gas bills in the next couple of months. Speaking at a conference in Genova, Cingolani said “the government is committed to...
Politics 14-09-2021

Portugal: Top judge concerned about future of female colleagues in Afghanistan

The International Association of Judges (UIM) has alerted the international community and the respective governments to the “terrible problem” of Afghan women judges, whose lives are in danger under the new Taliban regime in the country, the UIM president said...
Politics 14-09-2021

Portugal: Over 130,000 teens vaccinated over weekend – task force

More than 130,000 young people aged 12 to 15 were vaccinated against COVID-19 over the weekend, the vast majority concluding their vaccination, announced the task force that coordinates the process on Monday. The same source told Lusa that on Saturday and Sunday,...
Politics 14-09-2021

Far-right Salvini attacks the government he supports

The stabbing of five people – including a six-year-old – in the Italian coastal city of Rimini by a Somalian asylum seeker, has become the latest point of contention within the ruling coalition that supports the government of Mario Draghi....
Politics 13-09-2021

Italian minister: Afghanistan risks becoming again a base for terrorists

Italian Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese told Corriere della Sera in an interview on Sunday that Afghanistan runs the risk of becoming again the point of reference for international terrorism. “Global action is needed to counter all forms of violent extremism,” she said....
Politics 10-09-2021

Direct effects of COVID-19 cost Portugal more than €4.1 billion until July

The direct effects of the pandemic on public accounts amounted to €4.133 billion by the end of July, according to the Technical Unit for Budgetary Support (UTAO). According to the experts who assist parliament in budgetary matters, the €4.133 billion...
Politics 10-09-2021

Italy to make COVID pass compulsory for schools

The Italian government has made showing the COVID-19 ‘green pass’ mandatory for all those who enter school or university grounds, with the exception of underage students, according to a decree approved on Thursday by the council of ministers. More. The...
Politics 09-09-2021

New media literacy website ‘defence against fake news’

Citizens need instruments to defend themselves from the “traps of disinformation” that “undermine democracies”, Portugal’s secretary of state for cinema, audiovisual and media, Nuno Artur Silva, told Lusa. Nuno Artur Silva was speaking at the launch of the LEME website, which contains...
Politics 09-09-2021

Far-right parties lead Italian polls

The far-right Brothers of Italy party led by Giorgia Meloni and the far-right party Northern League led by Matteo Salvini are currently leading the most recent polls, with 21% and 20.6% respectively. Salvini’s party had been topping the list as...
Non-discrimination 09-09-2021

Spanish government reacts to alleged homophobic gang assault

The Spanish government has convened an urgent meeting for Friday (10 September) over an alleged homophobic gang assault on a young man in Madrid that has raised the alarm over hate crimes in the country. EURACTIV’s partner EFE reports.
Politics 08-09-2021

Italy looking into proposing extraordinary G20 summit on Afghanistan

Italy is verifying the conditions, methods and timing for an extraordinary summit of the G20 countries dedicated to Afghanistan, Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio told parliament in a speech on Monday, following his return from Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan and Qatar....
Politics 08-09-2021

Portugal’s crisis-hit flag carrier TAP could be back in the air by October

National flag carrier TAP is planning to put its restructuring plan into operation in October, its CEO, Christine Ourmières-Widener, said in an interview published in the company’s internal newsletter. Explaining that she prefers to talk about a “transformation” rather than...
Politics 08-09-2021

Costa flags up plans for two new personal income tax brackets

The socialist government is working on measures as part of the draft state budget for 2022 to add extra personal income tax brackets between €10,000 and €20,000 of annual income and between €36,000 and €80,000, Prime Minister António Costa has...
Politics 08-09-2021

Greek anti-vaxxers refuse to accept blood from vaccinated people

The Greek public opinion was shocked when a doctor unveiled that anti-vaxxers have refused to accept blood from vaccinated people in order not to be “poisoned”. Meanwhile, the Greek government has been alarmed after media reports revealed several cases of...
Electricity 08-09-2021

Spanish government to present measures to bring down soaring electricity prices

Spain's executive will “imminently” present a new package of urgent measures to reduce the fast increase of electricity prices on the wholesale market, the Spanish government announced on Tuesday (7 September). EURACTIV’s partner EFE reports. 
Politics 07-09-2021

Greece offers booster dose as thousands of health workers suspended

As from 14 September, Greek citizens will be able to receive a third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, health authorities announced on Monday. Meanwhile, the government has decided to impose heavy fines after a scandal of thousands of fake vaccination...
Politics 07-09-2021

G20 health ministers sign ‘Rome Pact’ for vaccine distribution worldwide

G20 health ministers meeting in Rome have unanimously signed the ‘Rome Pact’, committing to increase the support of poor nations and send them more COVID-19 vaccines in order to meet a 40% vaccination target for the global population by 2021....