Western Europe

Politics 27-06-2022

France finds cross-party support for constitutional right to abortion

Members of President Emmanuel Macron’s party have announced that they will push to amend the French Constitution to make abortion a constitutional right, following the US Supreme Court’s controversial decision. The US Supreme Court on Friday (24 June) overturned its...
Energy 27-06-2022

Dutch cabinet to reveal plans for new nuclear power plants

The Dutch government will reveal plans this week to develop two new nuclear power stations, in what will be “a good addition to all sustainable techniques” in the Netherlands, Climate and Energy Minister Rob Jetten has said.
Politics 24-06-2022

Austria scraps compulsory COVID-19 vaccination scheme

The only mandatory vaccination scheme in the EU has been scrapped by the Austrian government, citing the changed circumstances with the now dominant Omicron variant. Austria first announced its intention to implement a mandatory vaccination scheme in November 2021. It...

German gas shortage may prevent exports to Europe

Germany’s gas supply is running at alert level with government predictions suggesting a tough winter ahead, leading to an even tougher choice- keep supplying European countries or keep gas for citizens.
Politics 24-06-2022

Right-wing Les Républicains divided over opposition strategy

The right-wing Les Républicains party is divided over their opposition strategy as President Emmanuel Macron urged political groups to “govern and legislate differently” in a speech on Wednesday. The stakes are high, as they do not want to show that...
Politics 23-06-2022

Austria to support EU candidacy for Bosnia-Herzegovina

Bosnia-Herzegovina should receive similar treatment as Ukraine and Moldova for receiving EU candidate status before prerequisites had been fulfilled, according to Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer. Austria has historically considered itself a strong ally of the Western Balkans, most of which...
Politics 23-06-2022

How far are you willing to go for coalition, Macron asks opposition

Opposition parties were called to clarify how far they would be willing to go to build a multi-party coalition by French President Emmanuel Macron in his address to the nation on Wednesday. Macron, who spoke for the first time since...
Politics 23-06-2022

Belgian PM discusses Ukraine’s EU membership with Zelenskyy

Ukraine’s application for EU membership, which will be a central topic at Thursday’s European Council summit, has Belgium’s full support, Prime minister Alexander De Croo told Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy over the phone on Wednesday. “Tomorrow, the member states of...
Politics 23-06-2022

Belgian liberals step back from colonial reparation missions

The Belgian liberal coalition party Open Vld distanced itself from a parliamentary committee’s initiative of sending a delegation to Central Africa amid ongoing talks of reparations to former colonies. Speaking on the ongoing work of the parliamentary committee dealing with...
Politics 22-06-2022

Austria does not want to change EU accession process, says foreign minister

Austria is not seeking a reform of the EU accession process, and the non-paper submitted by Vienna has led to “misunderstandings,” Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg has explained. Critics said the non-paper Schallenberg and EU affairs minister Karoline Edtstadler sent to...
Politics 22-06-2022

German heavy weapon deliveries reach Ukraine

Tank howitzers from Germany have arrived and are in use in Ukraine, the country’s defence minister announced on Tuesday, after Berlin drew criticism for a delay in the delivery of weapons. The German Panzerhaubitze 2000 “are finally part of [the] 155 mm...
Politics 22-06-2022

Macron consults parties to avoid institutional crisis

After losing his majority in the National Assembly and refusing the resignation of the prime minister, French President Emmanuel Macron began consultations with parties on Tuesday. With Macron’s coalition having just lost its majority in the National Assembly after Sunday’s...
Politics 21-06-2022

Belgians strike against rising cost of living

The three largest trade unions organised a national strike in Brussels on Monday to protest against wage legislation and demand more purchasing power for workers, kicking off a series of nationwide strikes this week. The unions are seeking to change...
Politics 21-06-2022

French parties reject proposal for united left-wing parliamentary group

The Socialist Party (PS), Europe Ecologie-Les Verts (EELV) and the French Communist Party (PCF) rejected Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s proposal to form a joint parliamentary group on Monday. Mélenchon called on all parties in the NUPES coalition to “form a united delegation...

Thousands march for climate in Rotterdam

Ten thousand protesters joined the climate march against global warming in Rotterdam on Sunday afternoon, Dutch media NL Times reported. The organisers of the march included Greenpeace, Oxfam Novib, trade union FNV, Extinction Rebellion, Milieudefensie and Fridays for Future, NL times wrote. Many...
Energy 20-06-2022

Gazprom supplies 50% less gas to Austria

Austria will receive less gas for the fourth day in a row, the Russian energy company announced on Sunday, but demand is currently low and supply is secure.
Politics 20-06-2022

Greek left picks up momentum and slams Macron’s neoliberal policies

Emmanuel Macron’s defeat in the second round of the French legislative elections is essentially a defeat of his neoliberal policies, former prime minister and main opposition leftist leader Alexis Tsipras has said. “The defeat of Macron is a defeat of...
Energy 20-06-2022

Berlin to launch ‘painful’ gas saving scheme to secure next winter’s supply

Faced with low gas flows from Russia, the German government will burn more coal in summer, pay industry not to use gas and provide billions of euros in loans to merchants for gas purchasing.
Elections 19-06-2022

Macron loses majority following Assembly polls

French voters have denied President Emmanuel Macron a parliamentary majority following Sunday's (19 June) second round of legislative elections, while the left and far-right have made significant advances.
Politics 17-06-2022

Belgium quadruples women on company boards

A law from 2011 requiring Belgian companies to have at least a third of women or men on company boards seems to be bearing fruit as the proportion of women in such roles quadrupled between 2008 to 2020, a recent...

German agency considers saving gas by cooling homes

The president of the Federal Network Agency is in favour of lowering the minimum temperature to which landlords must heat homes in winter, a proposal made by the national housing association after Russian energy giant Gazprom decided to reduce gas...
Politics 16-06-2022

New Austrian digital skills university launch a ‘muddled mess’

The Institute of Digital Sciences Austria will start operating in 2023 despite criticisms levelled by academia for its financing structure, the Council of Ministers decided on Wednesday. The university aims to ensure Austria’s digital competitiveness and focus on innovative teaching,...
Politics 16-06-2022

Moldova’s EU bid must not be ‘dissociated’ from Ukraine’s, Macron says

Europeans owe Moldova a positive and clear signal on its EU membership application, French President Emmanuel Macron said in Chisinau on Wednesday. Macron visited his Moldovan counterpart Maia Sandu on an official visit to Chisinau on Wednesday (15 June). During...
Politics 15-06-2022

Austrian sets out bigger than expected anti-inflation aid package

The Austrian government has tabled on Tuesday a set of measures to combat soaring prices, including an income tax bracket adjustment and a higher-than-expected ‘climate bonus’ of €500 per person. The package will fund short-term and structural measures worth €28...