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EURACTIV has competed successfully in EU open calls for tenders and calls for proposal since 2001. EURACTIV has won over 15 major projects from different EU institutions and supported a range of research projects focusing on communication and dissemination.

As the main pan-European media network specialised in EU policy, the EURACTIV network is a highly effective media multiplier, a natural channel to communicate EU policies and public projects to media, stakeholders and other multipliers at the EU and national level.

Cross-lingual communication and dissemination services

  • Cross-lingual packages include communication, dissemination and exploitation possibilities to strengthen the projects’ media presence and stakeholder outreach.
  • Packages offer a combination of sustained editorial content in multiple languages with media coverage, stakeholder events, video packages, social media and online advertising.

EURACTIV: Your public project partner of choice

  • EURACTIV provides innovative tools and ideas for the implementation of projects, led by a highly-skilled and experienced team.
  • EURACTIV participates in projects both independently and in collaboration with other organisations, acting as work package leader, simple consortium partner or sub-contractor.
  • EURACTIV has successfully bid as a dissemination and exploitation partner for EU research and innovation projects, providing communication support throughout the project life-cycle. EURACTIV has experience in leading dissemination in several Horizon 2020 and FP7 projects.

> See examples of projects below.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and a communication package designed to meet your needs. You can reach Cristina Zygomalas, Director Public Projects at

Current EURACTIV projects

Funding: European Parliament, Grants programme in the area of communication 2016-2019

The project aims to accompany the entire process leading up to the EP 2019 Elections via fact-based, informative media coverage so as to contribute to a higher level of knowledge and informed debate amongst the European electorate. We focus on three main topic areas: economy and growth, migration and security, social Europe. The project is implemented in 9 countries involving the EURACTIV Network partners as well as other media partners.

Funding: DG AGRI, Support for information measures relating to the EU Cohesion policy

As a recipient of the grant for the fourth year running, EURACTIV aims to provide information and create a debate on the CAP and its current stakes at EU level. The aim of this project is to raise awareness and foster the debate on issues like modernisation, innovation, simplification of the CAP, especially given reforming steps that need to be done. This year, we focus also on the rural areas, discussing on digitisation of agriculture, environmental attention, bioeconomy, role of young and women in agriculture, new forms of supply chains and so on.

Funding: DG REGIO, Support for information measures relating to the EU Cohesion policy

EURACTIV has been awarded a grant from DG Regio to implement a communication action related to the EU’s Cohesion Policy over a period of 12 months across 10 European countries (Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Spain) as well as Brussels. The action aims to change the narrative around Cohesion Policy, explaining its relevance for both poorer and more affluent regions, highlighting its impact on the quality of life of Europeans and delivering on the EC’s 10 Priorities, with a focus on 4 main topic areas: Cohesion Policy explained; Citizens at the heart of the policy; Boosting growth and jobs; Delivering on Europe’s future.  The communication strategy builds on two pillars: (1)Sustained, cross-lingual, extensive media coverage that includes regional and local media partners across 10 Member States thanks to EURACTIV, The Media Network for Europe (2) Giving regional authorities and stakeholders a voice but also involving them in debates and events thanks to the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions (CPMR).

Recent projects

  • Do we take the CAP for granted? The contribution of the Common Agricultural Policy to Europe’s quality of life, 2017-2018
    Using the EURACTIV media platform and its editorial services, the project focuses in particular in communicating the real contributions of the CAP to EU citizens’ quality of life and the implications of the CAP in four main policy areas: environment, energy and climate change; European agri-food quality; the social dimension and growth; the economic dimension and investment. The project is implemented in Brussels and in 11 other Member States: France, Germany, the UK, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Greece, the Czech Republic, Spain, Italy and Portugal. The project in the latter three countries has respectively implemented by media partners EFEAgro, Class Editori and Lusa.
  • Informing citizens of the role and relevance of the European Parliament in a changing Europe
    The project aims to communicate the European Parliament’s involvement in topical areas and issues that affect European citizens in a changing Europe. We focus on two main topic areas: jobs, growth and investment; and security, migration and fundamental rights. The event is implemented in 8 countries involving the EURACTIV Network partners as well as other media partners.
  • SSIX – Social Sentiment Indices powered by X-Scores. The SSIX project aimed at providing European SMEs with easy to interpret metrics to analyse and understand social media users attitudes for any given subject. As explained in this short video, this will help SMEs increase their revenues as well as improve their investment decision process. EURACTIV was the main dissemination partner for this Horizon 2020 project, 2015-2018.
  • Communicating the challenges facing the CAP, 2016-2017. This project is designed to generate informed debate, raise awareness and exchange best practices around the challenges facing the CAP using the EURACTIV media platform and its editorial services, such as this infographic summarising the main facts about the CAP. The project was implemented in Brussels and in 4 key Member States among the largest CAP recipients: Germany, France, Spain and the UK. The project aims at linking the CAP with other Commission’s priorities such as job creation and growth, the Digital Agenda and modernization.
  • STYLE – Strategic Transitions for Youth Labour in Europe. The aim of this research projects was to conduct a comparative EU wide analysis of policies aimed at overcoming youth unemployment, assessing the effectiveness of relevant labour market and social policies. EURACTIV was the main dissemination partner of the project, ensuring editorial coverage on its main website of youth (un)employment policies and raising visibility of the project among policy-makers and stakeholders, as explained by Natalie Sarkic-Todd, EURACTIV Senior Director, in this short video, 2014-2017.
  • Communicating the new CAP: How the reformed CAP supports sustainable food supply, environmental protection, innovation and growth. The aim was communicating to rural actors and other relevant stakeholders the implications and challenges of the implementation of the reformed CAP, in particular the food supply chain, the effects on the environment, the importance of innovation in farming and rural development. The project was implemented in Brussels and France, Greece, Italy, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and the UK, 2015-2016.
  • EU Community, a tool to provide decision makers with better policy options by combining social media interactions, expert contributors, document curation and visual analysis, as well as online and offline tools. 2014-2017
  • Visibility of the Slovak Presidency of the Council of the European Union, by ensuring editorial coverage on and by organising a stakeholder workshop on one of the priorities of the Presidency, 2016.
  • Visibility of the Committee of the Regions, by ensuring editorial coverage on and and by publishing the Special Reports “Cities and regions against climate change” (in English and French) and “Investment for Regions” (in English, French, German, Spanish, Italia and Polish), 2014-2015
  • European Parliament’s information campaign on the European Elections 2014 (subcontractor for media strategy and support services). Including in-depth, independent media coverage on 11 websites, analysis and recommendations for the EP’s communication tools and media strategy, video debates between MEPs and stakeholders, national and regional media seminars, media partnerships, multi-media series on the frontiers of the EU.

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