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EURACTIV is more than news. Since its establishment over 20 years ago, participation in public projects has always been a valued part of EURACTIV’s business model. We’re an excellent communication partner for European public projects and a natural channel to disseminate EU policies to media and stakeholders at the national and local level. 

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EURACTIV’s content is accessed by over one million people every month. We have the ability to reach over 80% of Europeans in their native language.



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We participate in projects both independently and in collaboration with other organisations, acting as work package leader, consortium partner or sub-contractor. Our multilingual packages include communication, dissemination and exploitation possibilities to strengthen projects’ media presence and stakeholder outreach. 


Our current projects

ACoFoE: Amplify the Conference on the Future of Europe

The project aims to raise awareness and engage young people and civil society in the debate linked to the Conference on the Future of Europe.

Agriculture in the CAPitals: Following the Transformations of the Common Agricultural Policy

Agri in the CAPitals accompanies the transition process and transformation of the new CAP architecture and implementation mechanisms across various Member States by providing fact-based, relevant and timely information and content.

DEMOTEC: Democratising Territorial Cohesion: Experimenting with deliberative citizen engagement and participatory budgeting in European regional and urban policies

DEMOTEC investigates the role of participatory budgeting in fostering greater and more informed citizen participation in policy-making and in engaging citizens that feel disconnected from political and policy processes. It focuses on citizen engagement in European regional and urban policies, combining in-depth research on participatory budgeting and mediated deliberation in the public sphere with real-world experiments.


GREENFOOT- GReen power and Energy Efficiency iNvestments community-Financed for fOOTball buildings

GREENFOOT is an H2020 project aiming at supporting and fostering the transition to a more efficient, low-carbon energy system by packaging individual participation and financing of the energy transition in football. The project starts in September 2020 and finishes in August 2023. The consortium is composed of: Energy Institute of Linz (coordinator), RINA consulting, European Crowdfunding Network, EURACTIV, the Irish Football Association, the Azeri Football Association, European Football Development Network, Electricité de France (EDF) and the French Football Association. EURACTIV is in charge of communication and dissemination activities. (a)Live Now (a)Live Now is a project implemented by the European Festivals Association in partnership with the City of Bergen, Italiafestival, Summa Artium, EURACTIV Media Network and publiq, and supported by the Creative Europe programme of the European Commission. The project focuses on connecting artistic actors with those enabling the arts or promoting them in Europe and at the same time increase accessibility to cultural innovation through ONE programme in various activity lines created between arts festivals, cities hosting artistic events, national collectives, the press, the academic and digital world.

MINDSET – Moving the Ideas of Non-Discrimination: Supporting an Equality Transformation

MINDSET, funded by DG JUST, aims to promote the role of the media in raising awareness of redress mechanisms to help tackle discrimination based on ethnic origin in Europe. The project will focus on 3 EU Member States – Italy, Romania and Sweden. Thanks to the complementarity of the consortium, the project will implement 31 activities ranging from editorial and multimedia products, training workshops and legal reports.

LIFE Terra: Europe’s single biggest citizen-driven initiative to plant and monitor 500 million trees to mitigate climate change

LIFE Terra, funded by the LIFE Programme, focuses on creating a movement for planting 500 million trees by 2025, harnessing and monitoring nature’s own carbon capture mechanism and empowering citizens to take urgent action against the climate crisis. Life Terra’s mission is to enable people to take impactful climate action now, facilitate tree planting, educate future generations, and develop tree monitoring technology. LIFE Terra is an interdisciplinary, transnational partnership, focusing planting events in 6 specific countries: Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, and the Netherlands.

LIFE TACKLE: Teaming up for A Conscious Kick for the Legacy of Environment

As part of the LIFE programme, the project aims to increase the awareness and improve waste management at football events across Europe. EURACTIV is communication partner, working with National Football Associations, local authorities and waste management companies.

Teachers4Europe: Setting an agora for democratic culture

Funded by the Erasmus + programme, this project aims to support European teachers and students in fostering knowledge about the EU and create a network of active teachers who will act as multipliers. EURACTIV will contribute to the project with some ad-hoc dissemination activities.


European Data Journalism Network (EDJNet)

EURACTIV and Fondation EURACTIV are members of the European Data Journalism Network (EDJNet), a network of independent media organisations and data newsrooms producing and promoting data-driven coverage of European topics. This project is co-funded by DG CONNECT. EDJNet has 28 members based in 14 different countries.


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