EU Project Communication


The EURACTIV web portal is firmly established as the favourite online platform for Brussels and national professionals in EU policies. It brings together journalistic independence with transparency and practical efficiency, complementing the existing EU media and institutional web sites.

The EURACTIV network is a highly effective media multiplier, a natural channel to communicate EU programmes and projects to media, stakeholders and other multipliers at the national level.


CrossLingual Communication Packages


EURACTIV offers comprehensive CrossLingual Communication Packages in 15+ countries. Our journalists provide independent editorial content and coverage in the native language, localised according to the national policy context and audiences.

CrossLingual Packages include wide communication and campaigning possibilities for all those wishing to strengthen their media presence and stakeholder outreach in the enlarged EU. They combine sustained editorial content with Special Reports, Stakeholder Workshops, Video Packages, Social Media and online Advertising for maximum communication impact at the EU and national level.

See our 3, 6 and 15+ country packages and product descriptions (EU Policy Communication Packages and Europe-wide Visibility) for full details.


EU research projects


EURACTIV also acts as a dissemination partner for EU research projects, providing communication support throughout the project lifecycle: from communication plan, through project launch, major events and project milestones, to final report.


Examples and approach


In the past, different members of the EURACTIV family have won different types of projects in competitive processes: calls for tenders, calls for proposals, grants. They did this either as consortium leader, consortium partner or sub-contractor.

A selection of EU projects supported by EURACTIV is featured in the EU Projects List

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