How the CAP contributes to agricultural and rural regeneration



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This project is designed to generate informed debate, raise awareness and exchange best practices around the implementation and contributions of the CAP using the EURACTIV media platform and network.

The target audience is European and national stakeholders: rural actors, industry, NGOs, specialized media, institutions, academics, researchers and their multipliers.

Main objectives
In 2018-2019 the CAP is clearly under scrutiny and not only in budgetary terms: debates include the need to further reform it (modernisation, innovation, simplification), render it results as opposed to outputs oriented, increase efficiency of spending, complementarity of funding and improve environmental protection.

This year we have chosen to pay more attention on the rural dimension, and the project will treat the different topics with a particular focus on the regional/local perspective. All issues and topics have a regional, national and European angle: activities will be implemented in 8 countries and news published in 8 languages on 8 EURACTIV websites. All the editorial and multimedia content of the project regarding EURACTIV.COM ban be found here.

The countries have been chosen due to the weight and relevance of their regions: Italy, Poland, Greece, France, Germany, and Spain. In addition, Romania is included as its EU Council Presidency will coincide with crucial budget discussions. The UK is included as a source of debate useful to counteract ill-informed criticism.


We have identified 7 topics, which are often inter-related and complementary

  • Topic 1: Shaping the future CAP: modernisation, simplification, research and innovation
  • Topic 2: Efficiency and complementarity of funding to ensure rural renaissance
  • Topic 3: Diversifying and improving entrepreneurial activities in rural areas
  • Topic 4: New forms of value chains: regional, local, online: which of them grants a fair return to farmers?
  • Topic 5: Agrinnovation, a real game changer?
  • Topic 6: What helps environmental protection and climate resilience
  • Topic 7: Multi-talent bioeconomy and how it may help agriculture.

Activities planned include sustained editorial coverage, Special Reports, infographics, Multimedia Reports, stakeholder workshops, video-reportages, twitter chats and vox pops in 8 different countries.

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