EURACTIV Membership

You are:

  • Industry association
  • Consultancy
  • NGO
  • Political party/group
  • Region
  • Think tank
  • University

You want to:

  • Gain visibility in Brussels EU circles?
  • Communicate your messages to EU stakeholders?
  • Promote your positions and events?
  • Extend and engage your audience?

We offer services helping you communication strategy.

To reach your target audience, we use the best tools available, in order to raise awareness on your policy priorities.

We offer a fairly prices package with a wide range of services, helping you in your day-to-day communications and reputation building.

Package offers:

  • Communication services:
    • Banner Ad campaigns – Distribution of your banners and text ads on + optional free design
    • Recording and distribution of a short video statement (30s)
    • Distribution of your video through EURACTIV channels
    • Distribution of your infographic through EURACTIV channels
    • Distribution of your advertorial on EURACTIV channels
    • Support one episode of the Tweets of the Week show
    • Support specialised newsletter The Brief or The Capitals
    • Publication of your press releases, events, and job ads (unlimited)


  • Plus:
    • Your logo and name visibility on
    • Facilitation of contact with our editorial team
    • Invitations to our 50+ EURACTIV policy events
    • Exclusive Yellow Academy workshops (members only)
    • Other benefits…

We are helping hundreds of EU stakeholders: see list here.

Contact us to discuss the best-adapted service to your communication needs:





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