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Economy & Jobs 27-03-2018

How to save the transatlantic alliance

To save the transatlantic alliance, it is essential for the EU to deal with its internal problems in order to become a more reliable and credible partner for the US in the future, writes Fraser Cameron.
Future EU 23-01-2018

EU 2018: A big year to be big on big things

With European Parliament elections, a new European Commission and Brexit scheduled, attention of some EU observers is already beginning to drift to 2019. However, focus should not shift too fast as the twelve months ahead promise major EU developments, which could mark 2018 down in the annals of EU history, insists Tom Parker.
Future EU 24-03-2017

A very happy birthday to the European Union

There will be a sombre atmosphere when EU leaders gather in Rome later today (24 March). Just a few days after the summit, the UK will trigger Article 50. But now the bloc is tasked with rekindling public support for integration, so let’s toast its future, writes Fraser Cameron.
Global Europe 10-11-2016

Time to take back control – the morning after Trump

Much like with Brexit, the question facing EU leaders and influencers after Donald Trump’s election is what next? The crux of the answer is: more of the same, writes Tom Parker.
Brexit 23-06-2016

Remain campaign out of touch with the British public

Given the enormous implications of the EU referendum on the UK economy, many are legitimately questioning David Cameron’s leadership and more specifically the effectiveness of the Remain campaign, writes Tom Parker.
Future EU 18-02-2016

What a good EU-UK deal means for Europe

The UK’s new settlement offers the possibility of a new vision for Europe: a multitiered Europe that provides the flexibility the EU 28 needs to embrace the very real differences of its member states, but does not throw away its integrity, writes Tom Parker.