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Health 29-06-2020

A call to Germany’s EU Council Presidency: Strengthen Europe’s pandemic response workforce

Why a professionalised trained pest management sector can help better prepare for future health crises while contributing to sustainability goals, reconciling both short-term and long-term objectives of the German Presidency.
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Health 18-06-2020

Europe’s trained pest management professionals call for recognition

Trained pest management professionals were recognised as key during lockdown, and will remain essential in public health and throughout the food supply chain. Support our call for recognition and sign the CEPA MoU.
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Economy & Jobs 25-05-2020

Trained pest management professionals must be recognised as key during a health crisis

The European Commission’s Farm to Fork strategy released last Wednesday makes bold first steps towards recognising the value of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Europe’s pest management professionals trained in IPM understand better than anyone how it now should be implemented widely throughout European societies to promote public health.