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Technology 12-01-2021

New digital regulations: the good and the bad

The introduction of the Digital Services Act (DSA) and Digital Markets Act has raised many questions about the future of digital platforms in the EU. We have to be realistic about the risks behind these new regulations.
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Economy & Jobs 26-10-2020

Illicit trade is an existential threat to consumers

Counterfeiting products endanger consumers in Europe and globally. Red tape, burdensome taxation, and lack of brand freedom have magnified the scope of illicit trade. What can the member states do to tackle it?
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Economy & Jobs 16-06-2020

Why Brands Matter Now More Than Ever

Brands play an increasingly important role in our lives, and going through the pandemic would be so much more painful without e-commerce. On this year’s Brands Day, it is crucial to take a step back to recognise the value brands bring to our lives, their impact on our decision-making processes, and reflect on the policies that could enhance brands instead of undermining them.
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Agrifood 13-05-2020

Modern agriculture is actively under threat – we need to save it

Mycotoxins represent an active and palpable threat to the health of consumers, with millions affected particularly in developing nations. The open hostility towards certain crop protection measures has emphasised this problem, as fungicides are coming under fire. The scientific method and consumer health should be the metrics of public agricultural policy.
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Agrifood 06-05-2020

Sustainability and innovation should go hand in hand in the EU

In the last two decades, Europe has decided to go its own way in agricultural policies. While both North and South America, and also Japan have moved to even more technology-driven modern agriculture, Europe went backward and keeps banning more and more scientifically proven advances and methods in agriculture.