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Euro & Finance 26-05-2015

Austerity is the only deal breaker

The view that Greece has not achieved sufficient fiscal consolidation is not just false; it is patently absurd. Clearly, creditors’ demand for more austerity has nothing to do with concerns about genuine reform or moving Greece onto a sustainable fiscal path, writes Yanis Varoufakis.
A young man with a Ukraine flag defies the police in Moscow, 21 September [Reuters]
Europe's East 12-11-2014

Europe’s Ukrainian Road to Normality

In Europe’s search for a road back to normality, its leaders must look for new bargains where all parties stand to gain. We need more integration, not less, to anchor our common future and encourage greater commonality of values, writes Erik Berglöf.
Global Europe 07-11-2014

Poland’s New Golden Age

Federica Mogherini, new EU new foreign affairs chief, has chosen Poland for her first trip, saying that the country has a big role to play in shaping the EU's common vision. Former Commissioner for Enlargement Günther Verheugen explains how Warsaw has become a European leader again.
Euro & Finance 24-10-2014

Europe’s fiscal wormhole

To prevent the misuse of money, the European Commission should vet all national investment projects, writes Guntram B. Wolff. It would be an important step toward establishing the eurozone’s missing fiscal union.
Development Policy 23-10-2014

Ebola’s Next Frontier

Urban density, congested slums and shantytowns with poor sanitation, drainage, and sewage, and weak health-care infrastructure in India – it is easy to imagine how the Ebola virus could spread rapidly. A single infected person who arrives from West Africa and is then untraceable could easily trigger an epidemic, write Hrishabh Sandilya and Dany Shoham.
José Manuel Barroso, European Commission President, gives a press conference on the 2014 country-specific recommendations. Brussels, 2 June. [Photo: EC]
EU Priorities 2020 20-10-2014

Europe’s unity is the best response to future challenges

Despite all of the challenges Europe faced in the last ten years, the continent remains united and open, and is now stronger and better able to face globalisation, writes José Manuel Barroso.
Development Policy 25-09-2014

Women’s development goals

As the 2015 deadline for the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) approaches, world leaders will face a choice: move the goal posts back another decade or two, or hold accountable those who have failed to deliver on their commitments. For women, the choice is clear.
EU Priorities 2020 23-09-2014

Germany’s economic mirage

Germany’s economy needs an overhaul. Policymakers should focus on boosting productivity, not “competitiveness,” with workers being paid their due, writes Philippe Legrain.
Languages & Culture 08-09-2014

Educating Everyone

EDINBURGH – The odds are weighed heavily against achieving the target set by the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) of ensuring by December 2015 that every school-age child is actually in school. With children in Gaza, Syria, Iraq, and Nigeria literally in the firing line in recent months, the immense scale of the challenge could not be more apparent. After all, fulfilling the promise of universal education demands that even those in the most difficult circumstances, such as child refugees and children in combat zones, can safely acquire a basic education.
Development Policy 04-09-2014

Africa’s hidden hunger

Though great efforts have been made to tackle hunger in Africa over the past decades, chronic manutrition or 'hidden hunger' are not always visible, writes Ramadhani Abdallah Noor.
Mahmoud Mohieldin [Project Syndicate]
Development Policy 02-09-2014

Measuring inclusive growth

In 2015, the Milennium Development Goals' deadline strikes. But considerable unfinished business and significant performance discrepancies remain, writes Mahmoud Mohieldin.