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Development Policy 22-10-2015

Ivermectin: A Nobel Prize medicine inaccessible to the world’s poorest

The true potential of new medical breakthroughs can only be unlocked if they are offered at an affordable cost to those who need them most, writes Jose Muñoz.
Transport 08-10-2015

Dieselgate should act as a catalyst for the removal of diesel cars from our roads

The Dieselgate scandal has highlighted the dangers of NOx emissions and the justified public backlash should be used as momentum to make sure public health is not put in further danger, write Jordi Sunyer and David Rojas-Rueda.
Development Policy 17-09-2015

Eliminating preventable child deaths is possible

The recent release of global data on child mortality shows that Eastern and Southern Africa are making the fastest progress on reducing child deaths. It is time to leverage this momentum, write Leila Gharagozloo-Pakkala and David Wright.