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Revising the EU taxonomy to fuel the journey towards industrial decarbonization

The leaked version of the revised Taxonomy delegated act on climate change mitigation and climate change adaptation is still miles away from the industry’s needs.
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The EU Taxonomy: a means to an end that risks being the end of many industries

MEP Anna-Michelle Asimakopoulou (EPP) explains why the draft delegated acts on EU taxonomy in their current shape are inadequate for European industries and stresses the European Parliament must be involved in designing the details of such a policy.
Global Europe 14-12-2020

Abraham Accords: Time to rethink role of EU in the Middle East

Symbolism is a powerful tool in international diplomacy. The recently signed Abraham Accords, under the auspices of the United States, represent a historic “declaration of peace” between Israel, the United Arab Emirates and hails its symbolic name after the patriarch...
EU-Africa 15-02-2018

Now is the time to support Tunisia’s fragile democracy

Tunisia is at a turning point, which makes now the perfect time to support its vibrant but fragile democracy and turn it into one of Europe's strongest allies in the region, write Frédérique Ries and Fulvio Martusciello.
Elections 06-02-2018

Why transnational lists are not a good idea

The Parliament and Council are set to decide on what to do with the 73 seats currently held by British MEPs. However, leaning towards transnational lists is not the answer because it is un-European and undemocratic, writes Gunnar Hökmark.
Global Europe 24-06-2016

Migration: The people behind the numbers

Last year over a million migrants and refugees arrived in Europe. When talking about migration, we have to remember that behind the numbers are children, women and men fleeing war zones and conflicts, writes Antonio López-Istúriz.

Resetting our European social model

Even though European social systems have served us well in the past, the financial crisis means that we must adapt our social model to new realities. We must build a strong Pillar of Social Rights to bring security and opportunities to our citizens, write Joseph Daul, Marianne Thyssen and Marc Spautz.
Global Europe 29-01-2016

Will the Parliament support Christians in the Middle East?

Islamic State has perpetrated some of the most fearsome acts of the War on Terror. On Wednesday (3 February), the European Parliament will vote on a resolution that seeks to class their brutality as genocide, writes Lars Adaktusson.

‘3.5 million lost jobs’ is red herring in China’s market economy status bid

During the last couple of weeks, the discussion about whether or not to grant China market mconomy status (MES) has intensified. Political, legal and technical arguments, are coming in from left to right, writes Christofer Fjellner.