Bulgaria and Albania set ground for new gas corridor

A Memorandum of Understanding for the gasification of Albania was signed this week between three companies in the presence of Prime Minister Edi Rama and former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, signalling the start of a new potential natural...

Bulgarian network connected to gas interconnector with Greece

The Bulgarian-Greek gas connection in Stara Zagora, which is already connected with the national gas transmission network of the Bulgarian state-owned company Bulgartransgaz, has successfully passed the pneumatic tests for strength, tightness and gas metering, ICGB, the company working on...

EU capitals mull seizing Russia-linked energy assets

From Sofia to Berlin, governments are contemplating expropriating, nationalising and otherwise seizing energy infrastructure owned by Russia-linked companies. Bulgaria is launching a political debate on the possible expropriation of strategic assets owned by Russian companies. The pro-European Democratic Bulgaria, part...

Bulgaria launches full investigation into Turkish Stream

Bulgaria will launch a full investigation into the Turkish Stream gas pipeline project that stretches through Bulgaria as it showcases how Russia uses corruption as a foreign policy tool, announced Prime Minister Kiril Petkov on Thursday. The section of the...

Bulgaria to replace Russian gas supply with cheaper US LNG

Bulgaria will receive supplies of US liquefied natural gas (LNG) at prices lower than Gazprom’s starting in June, according to a deal struck between Prime Minister Kiril Petkov and US Vice President Kamala Harris, the government’s press service said on...

Bulgaria threatens to veto EU oil ban on Russia unless it gets derogation

Bulgaria has threatened not to support European Union's new set of sanctions against Russia if the Balkan country does not get a derogation from the proposed ban on buying Russian oil, Deputy Prime Minister Assen Vassilev said late on Sunday.

Russia’s sixth sanction package opens EU’s Pandora’s Box

Budapest and Bratislava are unhappy with the European Commission’s proposal to ban Russian black gold despite being given extra time to phase it out, while Sofia and Prague have jumped on the bandwagon and are now asking for special treatment. ...
Agrifood 29-04-2022

Bulgarian farmers in line for unprecedented state funding to ensure food security

The Bulgarian government will allocate a record €560 million budget to ensure the country's food security in light of the war in Ukraine, but the country's agriculture minister has warned this is still insufficient to support the ailing sector.
Energy 29-04-2022

Bulgaria becomes regional hub for gas supplies

A regional coordination centre will be set up in Bulgaria to manage the overall use of gas and electricity infrastructure and additional gas purchases for the Balkans and Italy, announced Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Asen Vassilev in Brussels.
Politics 28-04-2022

Putin drives wedge between prime minister and president in Bulgaria

The Kremlin’s decision to cut off gas to Bulgaria has wholly exposed the positions of the leading political players in Sofia and caused a complete rupture in relations between Prime Minister Kiril Petkov and President Rumen Radev. Radev sharply attacked the government...
Electricity 12-04-2022

Bulgaria and Greece advance nuclear project talks

Bulgaria and Greece have progressed in their talks about constructing a nuclear power plant, but the liability issue in case of an accident remains unresolved, according to EURACTIV’s partners in Sofia and Athens.
Politics 14-03-2022

Soviet war memorials take a hit across central and eastern Europe

Several cases of vandalism towards Soviet war memorials have been reported in central and eastern Europe as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. While Russian embassies were outraged, national authorities were more understanding of perpetrators. In some cases,...
Politics 17-02-2022

Changing the lives of Bulgaria’s mountainous communities

The Bulgarian mountain region of Dzhebel is bucking the trend of depopulation and citizens are looking forward to a bright future fuelled with tourism and innovation. In an interview with EURACTIV Bulgaria, Mayor Nedzhmi Ali explained what he has in store for the gem of the Rhodopes in the short, medium, and long term.
Energy 16-02-2022

Think-tank: Bulgaria will be a net importer of electricity after 2030

Bulgaria is likely to become a net importer of electricity after 2030, accounting for about 15% of its needs, said Martin Vladimirov, Director of the Energy and Climate Program at the Centre for the Study of Democracy (CSD), a European...
Agrifood 24-03-2021

Sustainable farming offers a boost to rural Bulgarian communities

Family farming is no easy task, but one young Bulgarian couple has shown that sustainable farming can be a successful business venture, while also helping to revive one of the EU’s poorest regions. EURACTIV Bulgaria reports.
Coronavirus 17-03-2021

Commission defends itself amid accusations of unfair vaccine distributions

The European Commission has addressed the accusations of unfair distributions of COVID vaccines levied against it by member states this week, pointing out that some countries opted not to take up all the vaccines made available to them.

Kaliakra: a showcase of environmental illiteracy in Bulgaria

Kaliakra is probably the most beautiful Black Sea cape of Bulgaria. But it has also become an illustration of the hectic way in which the government tries to balance the interests of big business, local communities and environmentalists.
Enlargement 08-10-2020

Commission calls for ‘good faith’ in Greece-Bulgaria deals with North Macedonia

The implementation of the name-change deal between Greece and North Macedonia (Prespa agreement) as well as a friendship agreement between Sofia and Skopje should continue to be implemented in “good faith”, an EU spokesperson told
Elections 01-09-2020

Stop funding our mafia, Bulgarians tell EU Commission

'Stop funding our mafia', read banners of a protest in front of the European Commission representation in Sofia on Monday (31 August). It was the 54th day of street protests in which Bulgarians are demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Boyko Borissov and the country's chief prosecutor Ivan Geshev.