reporting from Kyiv

Enlargement 10-05-2022

Ukraine: ‘We have already paid for our EU membership with blood’

As Russia's war rages on in the country's east, Ukrainian officials are lobbying hard for EU leaders to grant the country candidate status as soon as possible, also as insurance to seal Kyiv’s strategic orientation.
Global Europe 08-05-2022

Global Europe Brief: Ukraine braces for Russia’s Victory Day surprise

In this week’s edition: Dispatches from Ukraine, Russia sanctions round six and NATO decision time.
Europe's East 08-05-2022

Dispatches from Kyiv’s liberated outskirts: Picking up the pieces after Russian occupation

Bucha and Borodyanka are two small towns on the outskirts of Kyiv until recently occupied by Russian forces, from which images of murdered civilians sent shockwaves around the world.
Europe's East 25-01-2022

Ukraine’s Deputy PM: Unlikely Russian troops will ‘simply’ withdraw from our borders

Russia's military pressure at Ukraine's borders, targeted to destabilise the country and undermine its economy, is an illustration of the 'new normal' Vladimir Putin is trying to impose on world affairs, Ukraine's Deputy Prime Minister Olha Stefanishyna told EURACTIV.
Europe's East 25-01-2022

‘Stay calm’ EU tells US as Ukraine braces for the worst

While Ukraine is bracing for the worst, a possible Russian invasion, EU diplomats on Monday (24 January) regretted the US decision to evacuate diplomats' families from Kyiv could be interpreted as a sign that the West accepts such a scenario.
Global Europe 24-01-2022

Blinken to join EU foreign ministers teleconference as Ukraine tensions rise

Amid rising fears of Russian military action against Ukraine, EU foreign minister on Monday (24 January) will seek to align their response with Washington, as US Secretary of State Anthony is set to join their virtual meeting.
Global Europe 29-08-2021

Global Europe Brief: Russia’s crackdown on Crimean Tatars

In this week’s edition: Ukraine's independence and Crimea summit, Belarus border, and Kabul attacks.
Europe's East 24-08-2021

Zelenskiy stresses closer NATO, EU ties as Ukraine marks 30 years of independence

Ukraine celebrated 30 years of independence on Tuesday (24 August) with a military parade and massive festivities in its capital Kyiv, vowing to reclaim territories annexed by Russia, in order to join NATO and the EU and escape Moscow's stranglehold.
Europe's East 23-08-2021

Ukraine vows to bring Crimea back as international leaders affirm support in Kyiv

An international summit initiated by Ukraine reaffirmed on Monday (23 August) international commitments to de-occupy Crimea, seven and a half years after Russian troops occupied the strategic Black Sea peninsula.
Europe's East 23-08-2021

Merkel says Nord Stream 2 should not be used as ‘geopolitical weapon’, Zelenskiy unconvinced

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Sunday (22 August) called for an agreement to extend Russian gas transit through Ukraine, in an attempt to reassure Kyiv over the nearly completed Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, which will carry gas to Europe while bypassing the country.