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Technology 08-04-2022

Banning Dark Patterns – Far From a Light Task

Dark patterns refer to how internet platforms trick and deceive users into clicking on something they don’t want to do.
Technology 25-11-2021

Narrowing Data Protection’s Enforcement Gap

Democratic governments around the world have decided that these data protection regulatory regimes are here to stay. Societies must now ensure that these laws lead to meaningful improvements on the ground.

Technology 09-11-2021

French Tech Policy and Its Contradictions

France’s tech policy will prove detrimental in determining overall future EU tech policy.
Technology 04-11-2021

Regulating Facebook’s Algorithms – Not an Easy Task

The point is not that lawmakers can’t regulate amplification. It’s that doing so while avoiding unintended consequences is hard.
Technology 21-10-2021

Russia’s Worldwide Influence Relies on YouTube

Without Silicon Valley's continuing goodwill, the Kremlin's information machine is in trouble.
Technology 12-10-2021

Data Divergences Torpedo Transatlantic Cybersecurity Plans

Beyond these basic similarities in encouraging cybersecurity, the two sides disagree on key points.

Technology 06-10-2021

Put Aside Grand Geopolitical Plans: First Fix Transatlantic Digital Plumbing

Instead of attempting an illusory grand deal that will set a new global standard, the transatlantic Trade and Technology Council should focus on solving its internal disputes.
Data protection 29-09-2021

Navigating the Transatlantic Data Conundrum

It’s time to end the charade and stop US-EU negotiations on a successor to the “Privacy Shield.” Instead, both sides must learn to live with the present impasse over transatlantic data transfers, writes Peter Chase.