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Transport 09-05-2022

German transport minister Wissing plans massive increase of e-car subsidies

Germany’s transport ministry plans to almost double e-car subsidies to achieve climate targets, but experts and NGOs criticise the plans as hugely expensive and ineffective, reported business daily Handelsblatt.
Energy 05-04-2022

Germany splits carbon tax for heating between landlords and tenants

Tenants living in well-insulated homes in Germany will have to shoulder the lion’s share of their CO2 costs for heating, while the burden in inefficient buildings will fall on landlords, reports Clean Energy Wire.
Energy 30-03-2022

German court rules bulldozing homes for coal is legal

A state court in North Rhine-Westphalia has ruled in favour of German utility company RWE in a land dispute linked to expanding its Garzweiler lignite open-cast mine located in the German hamlet of Lützerath, as Clean Energy Wire reported.
Electric vehicles 22-03-2022

Tesla Berlin gigafactory launch a ‘model’ for German investment projects

U.S. e-car company Tesla has inaugurated its first European production hub near Germany’s capital Berlin. The quick two and a half year construction process has been lauded as a model for Germany, Clean Energy Wire reports.
Energy 25-02-2022

Germany to create strategic coal and gas reserves

As Russia launched its attack on Ukraine, Europeans relived scenes from another time. Germany will now enact laws to ensure strategic energy reserves to cut down on German energy dependence from Russia.
Energy 16-02-2022

Hydrogen production in Germany ‘at the ready’ and about to boom

The German economy and climate protection minister, Robert Habeck, has said hydrogen would soon establish itself as a key component of the energy transition, according to a report carried by Der Spiegel.
Energy 27-01-2022

Metals needed for hydrogen production could get scarce, German authority warns

Key raw materials needed for most types of clean hydrogen production could become scarce and much more expensive, Germany's Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR), has warned, reports Clean Energy Wire.
Transport 13-12-2021

Will Germany’s new ‘advocate of the motorists’ surprise with clean mobility shift?

Germany's new transport minister Volker Wissing has raised question marks over the country's lagging transition to clean mobility. But his track record is promising, reported Clean Energy Wire.
Electricity 10-12-2021

Nuclear exit to unleash wind power in Northern Germany

The shutdown of the last nuclear power plant in Schleswig-Holstein will unclog the electricity grid and unleash wind power in the northern German state, according to its environment minister Jan Philipp Albrecht, reports Clean Energy Wire.
Electricity 02-12-2021

Saxonian minister-president tells miners to protest against 2030 coal exit

The German coal states are victims of political whiplash: the country’s planned coal exit date went from 2038 to “ideally” 2030 within months. But their economic transition away from the coal industry is far from complete, say some.
Electricity 25-11-2021

Next German government aims for coal exit in 2030

The new German government has agreed to pull forward the country's coal exit, "ideally" to 2030 from 2038, and rapidly speed up the rollout of renewables, reported CLEW.
Energy 24-11-2021

German nuclear power shutdown will not lead to power shortage: report

The shutdown of Germany’s last nuclear power plants will not cause supply shortages, according to calculations by the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin), CLEW reported. 

€860 billion needed to finance German climate goals

The new German government should enable the investment of about 860 billion euros until 2030 to initiate emission reduction activities across all sectors of the economy, the German industry association BDI has said, reported CLEW.
Energy 11-11-2021

Wind power proponents target biodiversity NGO in Germany

Conflicts between nature conservationists and renewable energy supporters have slowed down the expansion of wind power in Germany over the past years, reports Clean Energy Wire (CLEW). The recent flare-up comes as coalition negotiations are ongoing.