Politics 30-07-2021

The Brief – Sun, sand, sea … staycation

The Brief takes its own summer holiday from today. In practice, few will be jetting off to somewhere warm. COVID-19 case rates are still stubbornly high, travel restrictions are still tight and most of us will be staying at home, again.
Politics 29-07-2021

The Brief – Waiting for the next wave

There is news you want to hear, and news you will ignore. These days, Europeans are packing for their summer vacations. The news we don’t want to hear is that by the time we return from well-deserved holidays, the next wave of COVID-19 will have gathered force.
Elections 28-07-2021

The Brief – There is no medicine for regret

As Germany settles in for the summer and a heavy heat blanket slows political activity in Berlin down to a near standstill, many die-hard Green voters eyeing September's election are heading to their vacation destinations - by train, of course - in a sombre mood.
Global Europe 27-07-2021

The Brief – Don’t ignore your neighbours

It is a truism that Europe is unstable if its North African neighbours are unstable. That being so, it should be of some concern to EU leaders that, on the bloc’s south Mediterranean border, Tunisia’s ten-year-old democracy appears to be on life support.
Global Europe 26-07-2021

The Brief – Go home Erdogan

Cyprus is an excellent destination for holidays, but it is also a geopolitical volcano. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who doesn’t miss an opportunity to annoy the EU and infuriate Greece, is very active during this holiday season. Among other...
Brexit 23-07-2021

The Brief – It takes EU to tango

As EU officials prepare for their holidays, they have an extra reason to pack their bags faster than usual; to avoid the siren call of British politicians haranguing them to reopen parts of the Brexit settlement. It would be easy,...
Eastern Europe 22-07-2021

The Brief – Too many cooks in the foreign policy kitchen?

In the Georgian Black Sea resort Batumi, taxi drivers, who usually talk about the likes of football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, are currently talking about European Council President Charles Michel. In Georgia’s political crisis following the last parliamentary election in October...
Data protection 21-07-2021

The Brief – Big brother is watching you (again)

The Pegasus Project's revelations remind us that journalists, officials and activists all over the world are still closely being watched by national and foreign intelligence services.

The Brief – Flattery by imitation

There’s no flattery like imitation, at least when it comes to migration control. Taking their lead from aggressive migration control measures in Denmark and the UK, Lithuania’s parliament last week approved the mass detention of migrants, in a move meant to deter high numbers crossing into the EU from Belarus.
Global Europe 19-07-2021

The Brief – Watch your Olympic (flag) politics

Since their start in 1896, modern-day Olympic Games have rarely been free of politics. The upcoming Tokyo Games, opening on Friday, seem unlikely to break away from that pattern.
Digital & Media 19-07-2021

How to make Digital Services Act future-proof?

It’s time to set a clear, fair and universal base law for the internet, writes Dita Charanzová. Balance is key, or we risk harming our economy. Fixing an issue for one sector in the DSA may tilt the playing field for everyone else. We need a horizontal framework, she argues.
Future EU 16-07-2021

The Brief, powered by Greens/EFA – Return to the Dark Ages

Thousands of demonstrators gathered across Greece this week to protest against the government’s push to effectively make immunisation against COVID-19 mandatory in order to lead a normal life.
Politics 15-07-2021

The Brief, powered by Greens/EFA – It’s the youth, stupid

It’s summertime and the livin’ is easier. Fish are jumping and although COVID is high, and a nasty variant too, it's not yet at everyone's doors, at least for the time being.
Politics 14-07-2021

The Brief, powered by Greens/EFA – The guts to put pineapple on pizza

Italy's latest proud moments in Europe were prepared with an unconventional recipe that would tease purists of Italian culture.
Global Europe 13-07-2021

The Brief, powered by Greens/EFA – James Bond movie script

What are the main ingredients for a James Bond movie? A handsome actor to impersonate the main hero, and a script involving a villain plotting a novel scheme to blackmail and subjugate the world.
Health 12-07-2021

The Brief, powered by Greens/EFA – Notti Magiche

After the grand finale, came the mourning after; if you are an England fan, that is.
Health 09-07-2021

The Brief, powered by UNESDA – Dreams of summer

After four weeks of a European Championship that started with the horror and near tragedy of Danish star Christian Eriksen’s collapse on the pitch, football’s coming home. Or to Rome.
Eastern Europe 08-07-2021

The Brief, powered by UNESDA – Three Seas riddle

Sofia hosts a summit of the Three Seas Initiative (3SI) on Thursday and Friday (8-9 July) at a very inconvenient time – just before the snap general elections to be held in Bulgaria on Sunday. It’s not great when geopolitics interferes with politics.
Elections 07-07-2021

The Brief, powered by UNESDA – Everything but content

Two and a half months before the German parliamentary election, the campaign is stuck in a maze of political misgivings, ranging between bad taste and mud-fight, abounding in everything but content, it seems.
Coronavirus 06-07-2021

The Brief, powered by UNESDA – Choosing freedom with courtesy

The idea of wearing face masks on public transport used to be anathema. The small number of people who did wear masks on the metro, at least in the UK, got odd looks, as though they were being insulting by refusing to share the same air as us.

The Brief, powered by UNESDA – Far-right political genetics

In the latest tweak to Europe's political map, far-right parties from 16 EU countries, including France’s Rassemblement National, Poland’s PiS, Hungary’s Fidesz, and Italy’s Lega, united on Friday (2 July) with the aim of making themselves heard in the debate on the future of Europe.
Politics 02-07-2021

The Brief, powered by ESA – The Merkelian pragmatism

The paradox of Angela Merkel is that while it is hard to imagine the last twenty years of European politics without her, it is equally tough to think of her legacy as anything other than a manager.

The Brief, powered by ESA – Black Sea sabre rattling

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday (30 June) that Russia could have sunk a British warship that, according to Moscow, had illegally entered its territorial waters.
Digital & Media 30-06-2021

The Brief, powered by ESA – Plugging Italy’s digital shortfall

When the pandemic forced most people to work from home, Italy suddenly found itself facing a conundrum: the employed struggled to adjust to remote work, whereas an epidemic of youth unemployment meant that those who had digital skills mostly did not have a job.