Economy & Jobs 25-01-2022

Skills – the currency of the future. How is the EU accelerating upskilling and reskilling?

Rewatch this EURACTIV Virtual Conference, the third event of the 'Future of Work Lab debate series', to find out where we stand one year after the launch of the Pact for Skills and how skills are becoming 'the currency of the future'.

Fridays for Future activists call for exclusion of fossil gas and nuclear energy from green label

As the battle over including fossil gas and nuclear energy as “transitional” investments towards a sustainable Europe continues, Fridays for Future activists Luisa Neubauer and Dominika Lasota spoke to EURACTIV about why they think both energy sources should be kept...

Over a coffee with Bayer’s Frank Terhorst and Bernd Olligs, on Carbon Neutral Farming

With increased efforts to deliver on the Green Deal, the carbon farming system in Europe has never been more important. The ultimate goal is the complete decarbonisation of the food value chain for a more resilient and sustainable food system....
Politics 21-01-2022

Tweets of the week: Metsola&Macron, Berlusconi and the Sheriff

Metsola is President as everyone guessed, Berlusconi resurgence has EU watchers stressed, and there’s a new sheriff in town to fight the digital Wild West.

The French and the FPEU: a match made in heaven?

The French Presidency of the Council of the European Union began on 1 January 2022. For six months, France will be setting the pace for the legislative agenda and negotiations at the heart of the European institutions.
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Tackling rising energy prices: The untapped potential of the Energy Efficiency Directive

The recast of the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) represents a unique opportunity to increase energy savings in Europe. It can provide a structural answer to high energy prices while delivering benefits for society as a whole, such as more local...
Politics 14-01-2022

Tweets of the week: Goodbye Sassoli, Boris Parties and Russian Problem

This week it’s a sad farewell to the president, Boris Johnson’s lies become evident, And NATO and Russia are unable relent.
Politics 07-01-2022

Tweets of the Week: Bossy Macron, Green Taxonomy, Deported Djokovic

Macron swearing makes translators twitch, Taxonomy overhaul is a difficult pitch and Australia says clear-off to Novak Djokovic.

Participatory budgeting explained

Participatory budgeting, the shared decision between local government and citizens on how to spend a part of the municipal budget, is becoming increasingly popular across the bloc.
Politics 17-12-2021

The 2021 in Tweets (Tweets of the week S5 E15)

A look back on the highlights of 2021and the tweets that came out of it.
Politics 16-12-2021

Radev: North Macedonia must change its constitution

In a wide-ranging exclusive interview, Bulgaria’s President Rumen Radev explained at length the reasons behind his country’s veto which prevents North Macedonia from starting EU accession negotiations, and suggested the way forward to solve the issue, which includes a change in this country’s constitution. 
Agrifood 13-12-2021

Pitched ‘bottle’: the prosecco v. prošek controversy

The prosecco v. prošek issue is not just another ordinary controversy over wine branding as it could have a major impact on the EU’s geographical indications (GIs) framework currently under revision.
Politics 10-12-2021

Tweets of the Week: Neue Germany, Santa Boris, Disco Sanna

Farewell Angela Merkel, you will be missed, Boris Johnson lies about party, but we all get the gist, while the Finnish PM went out and got pissed!
Transport 09-12-2021

Underlying analysis for EU legislation – Do climate models support the Commission’s policy choices?

Rewatch this EURACTIV Virtual Conference to find out about the Commission's Impact Assessment for the transport sector in the latest climate package. If modelling data is seen to contradict real world data, what are the consequences? And who is responsible for ensuring that modelling assumptions evolve with real-world data, technology advances and the actual provisions of EU laws?

EU taxonomy for sustainable activities – Should nuclear energy be left out?

Rewatch this EURACTIV Virtual Conference to find out about the EU taxonomy for sustainable activities, and whether nuclear energy should continue to be excluded.

Energy poverty: How to reduce inequalities?

Rewatch this EURACTIV Virtual Conference to see how addressing energy poverty can help reduce inequalities in the European Union and the role that Member States should play in protecting vulnerable citizens.
Agrifood 07-12-2021

The European Green Deal – How does it impact EU food and drink SMEs?

How much do we know of the way food and drink SMEs adapt to legislation decided in Brussels? How do they cope with new requirements and transitional periods? What are their main challenges? Some SMEs are ahead of the curve, but their efforts sometimes go unnoticed.
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Economy & Jobs 06-12-2021

Growing small businesses in a digital world

In November, seven nonprofit organisations from across Europe and the Middle East came together for the Skills Week on SMB Mentorship.
Agrifood 06-12-2021

Between Farm and Fork: The role of innovative ingredients and food technology in achieving F2F objectives

Rewatch this EURACTIV Virtual Conference to find out how, through science-driven innovation, it will be possible to keep creating future-proof food and drink products responding to varied and evolving consumer demands while being safe, convenient and enjoyable for all.
Politics 03-12-2021

Tweets of the Week: Omicron, Kurzexit, Andersonn-in (again)

Von der Leyen’s Covid statement mangled by berks, it’s a not so fond farewell to Sebastian Kurz, and Swedish PM’s 180 was so fast it hurts!  
Digital & Media 30-11-2021

How can SMEs thrive post-pandemic in a digitalised world?

Join this EURACTIV Virtual Conference to discuss how the voice of SMEs can be elevated and how the role of digital tools can be further enhanced to help drive the recovery of European SMEs. Questions to be discussed include:
Politics 26-11-2021

Tweets of the week: Avengers, Ikea, CAP

German coalition divides up powers, CAP reform is mixed news for ploughers, and Swedish PM out after just four hours.
Botswana 25-11-2021

Over a coffee with Mokgweetsi Masisi, President of Botswana

In this Over a Coffee, Botswana’s President Mokgweetsi Masisi and EURACTIV editor Benjamin Fox talk about his government’s handling of the pandemic and its economic and social effect, Botswana’s plans to overhaul its economy and EU relations.

On the road to a greener economy in Kazakhstan – How can the EU help?

Watch this EURACTIV Virtual Conference to see how close relations between the EU and Kazakhstan can help the greening of the Kazakh economy and transport sector.